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Later Afternoon Crowd

What kind of crowd is there later afternoon on weekdays? Never been but thinking of going afterwork sometime.

Kik: JerseyShoreRy

Later Afternoon Crowd

What kind of crowd is there later afternoon on weekdays? Never been but thinking of going afterwork sometime.

Kik: JerseyShoreRy

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First time tomorrow

Planning to visit the beach tomorrow for the first time. Till what time do people stay at the beach usually? I was thinking of reaching there by taking the 10:30 ferry. Also, would I get bored if I go alone?

Going on

Plan on visiting from Maryland August 12-17 hope to run into some of you been going the last 5 years usually stay to ourselves but who knows would like to meet others this time have fun

First Time

Hi, I'm a 26yo bi guy looking to go to Gunny for my first nude expierience sometime this week. Looking for input/suggestions. I'm a little nervous but excited.

Kik: JerseyShoreRy

Sunday the 24th

Going to the beach tomorrow (Sunday 24th) by myself. Looking for some company.
Text or kik me .

Text : 219-218-9591
Kik: nick41129

Cheers Laughing out loud


There is a Young Naturists of America (YNA) event at Gunnison tomorrow (Sat 7/23).

That is a great group, advancing a very positive image of nudism. 

btw..  where is everyone?  The site has been quiet today.  Maybe everyone is at Gunnison.  Or you passed out from the heat?

going friday july 22

going to beach this frdiay for second time, first time was great.single dad here got a few days to my self.

HPNakedCouple's picture

Sunday the 24th...

Heading to the beach Sunday, getting there before 7am. Anyone else going?? 


Hot sand

Hey gang.  We are in hot-sand season (for another few weeks).   Some days around midday it can be hard to walk around the beach barefoot.

Low cut socks are one solution.  Cheap, unobtrusive, and easy to bring with you.

Try to avoid flip flops in when you are in the crowd.  They kick up loads of sand, and make you unpopular as you walk past people who are laying down.


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Friday 7/22

54 year old hetero male looking for some company on the beach, regular guy, non drinker presently.   Gonna try to sneak away from work tomorrow and grab a few hours, perhaps 10:00 - 2:00.    Anyone need some company?  I do

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Weather is looking nice for Thursday/Friday!

Any one hitting the beach those days? First time this summer..hoping to meet new friends

2 serious questions...please help

Relatively new so please pardon the questions...


1. I see people peeing on the beach which I found odd.  Youd never see this on a clothed beach.  And I know people re nude so not a huge deal...but they do so discrete and you cant see their front side...just wondering how and why its OK to pee?


2. What happens in the wind screens area that people have, like, that are enclosed (a square).  I see people in them, then invite a friend to come in too...and they stay low and of course you cant see them.  Is there sex happening?  Is it tolerated when its discrete lke this?  


Sorry for the dumb Qs.  Im a newbie, rookie.







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