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Life Is Good And It Shows!!!

Anyone else going Thurs the 27th?

I'm going to go early afternoon. I know it might be chilly but I'm not ready to give in yet.
And I just need to be naked! Anyone else going?

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Wednesday 10/18 Last time to Party Naked in 2016!!!!!

Party  Come join the gang tomorrow for what may be the last great day of the year. AandL, Blondie and a bunch others will be getting naked and partying. Everyone is welcome. Newbies, couples, singles, male female. Bring your favorite adult beverage. We'll be in the middle some where. Look for her t-shirt. See you there!

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Still a few good ones left ...

Apears there are going to be a few good days left to the season.  Tommorrow looks promising ... 70 and mostly sunny with a slight breeze out of the SW.  Tuesday and Wednesday, at this point, look real nice.  Planning on Wednesday.  Will be the first year I spend my bday at Gunnison.  YaMon!!

Anybody going this weekend?

Anybody going today? Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th? Temp showing sunny and mid 60s

We really want to go, but don't know if its too cold to be there? 

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Wednesday, October 19th

Calling for Sunny & mid 70's next Wednesday. May be a day to take advantage of.  Cool

Delaware Nude Group

My friend and I are interested in getting a group of nudist together in lower delaware.  We only made it to gunnison one time but loved it and don't want to have to wait almost a year.  Does anyone have any suggestions about how to get a group of nudists together for home fun without attracting weirdos? 

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Photo assistant

If I can brave the temperatures tomorrow (Friday, October 14) I was going to bring my camera and shoot a few figures of myself for a small project I'm doing. The camera will be on a tripod, so I can work with the self-timer; however, it's easier to pose if someone actually snaps the shutter. If anyone's going tomorrow, and if you're inclined to button-press, please let me know. Thanks in advance!

Is the beach busy this time of the season?

With the weather changing. Is the beach still busy this time of year on a good warm day? Me and my lady are thinking of going this coming Wednesday or Thursday. Just wanted to know if it was going to be busy or if we were going to be the only ones on the beach.

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Sea Glass

Lots of sea glass today. I found a couple of nice examples. I've never seen much sea glass at Gunnison.

Anyone going to Gunni on Saturday Oct 08?

I am wanting to go to Gunnison this next Saturday Oct 08, is there still go to visit? Still a nice crowd?

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Next Wednesday looks like a warm sunny day.....anybody planning on making it to Gunny???

Might be one of last great days...

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Looking for company Fri afternoon 10/7 if anyone going

Hi everyone.. Looks like Friday will be nice! Anyone interested in meeting up?

Clothed, but not exactly

I read this news article because it took place at my (2nd) favorite beach in NJ.  Too bad this particular individual did not consider driving north a few exits where he would have been just fine.

Inside Naked

Now that the weather is cooling down are there any good places for guys to be naked indoors? Swim, sauna, etc.? This was my first season going to gunny and loved it. All suggestions welcome.

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