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Life Is Good And It Shows!!!

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Spring Is

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Profile Pictures



This is not a site called JUNK IN YOUR FACE.


Please do not make profile picture close ups of your private areas.

They make the site look like a porn site and it is not.  


Keep it classy. (Heads shots, full body not close up on one area, classy, you know it when you see it. )





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2016 Parking and Rules

Hi everyone,

Can't wait to be naked and sundrenched with the good people of Gunny.  Skin is starting to turn white and ashie...yuk!

Has anyone bought their Parking pass yet?  Is it still $75 also does anyone know if they restored the motorcycle parking area or are we using the main lot now?

If there is another thread about this, sorry I missed it. If not,  maybe we can post any info or changes for the upcoming season here.



Sand Slurry Pipeline

Has anyone seen or heard anything lately about the sand slurry pipeline? 

In case you have never heard of it, there is a 3.5 mile long pipeline that runs from Gunnison to an area south of South Beach.  You may have noticed the black hoses laying in the sand along the ranger access road.  And those little huts next to the road are pump-booster stations.   That's all part of the pipeline. The rest of it is underground.

The pipeline project was planned to counter sand erosion at the "critical zone," where at some point Sandy Hook would breach. 

I found some records that it was first used in 2010.  To use it, they set up a huge crane on the beach and pump for about 50 days, sometime between October and February.   I think the original plan was to use it every other year or so.

I imagine some of us would have noticed a giant crane at Gunny.  So I suspect the pumping operation has not been done recently.  Perhaps not since 2010?  Or was it damaged by Sandy and not yet repaired?   I can't find any mention of it.  

I am curious because the beach at Gunny seems like it gained even more sand this winter.  I wonder if we are seeing that because they are not able to use the pipeline.  And does that mean the critical zone is getting narrower and closer to a breach?  (breach = no access to Gunny)

Free nipples

Interesting New York Times video on the state of nipple rights for women.  NY is the epicenter for the fight over boob liberty.

Our society is facing a contradiction.  Men are free to expose their nipples in public in all 50 states.  Women are prohibited from doing the same in 49 states.


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Action Needed


Naturist Action Committee: Anti Nudity Rule in Oregon State Forests

The Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) is proposing several changes to their rules (laws basically) for state forests. One of the changes will ban nudity in many “Designated Recreation Areas.”

nudity ban nac action alert oregon state forests naturists yna

Healthy competition :-)

Now this is what I call healthy competition!! Smile

Thank you ladies (and their partners) for keeping the fun going!!

Let the exhibitionistic and voyeuristic fun continue!! Smile Hopefully soon, it will all be "live" at Gunnison!! Smile

Cant wait!!!!

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1/31/16 walk at the beach

North path ok south a lake.

Lots of birds on sand bars.

k____ had me take a pic topless she said the temp was not to bad.

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Looking for a beach partner .

SWM 46 Chatty and outgoing like to strike up conversations with folks on the beach . Learn about what's going on . See profile .

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85 and Sunny

"whose going tomorrow? suppose to be 85 and sunny".... damn girl, why did you have to wake me. I was having the best dream!

Really, only 60 more days to Spring.

What an entertaining day!!!

Today has got to be the most entertaining and "productive" day, thanks to our naughty friends sunbum, punkrella, hpnakedcpuple and liz and john!! Smile

Love your attitude and spirit!!

And thanks for watming us all on this otherwise cold day!! Smile

Hope to see you guys at gunni in spring/summer!!

Dared to bare in this freezing weather

It's too hot!! Needed some air. That's why naked in the parking lot in this freezing weather

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Stay Safe Everyone

Looks like a nice storm is blowing in.


I hope everyone stays nice, safe and warm.  Spring is comming.  Cool

First Time Comments - Thanks!

I spent some time reading through a lot of the first time experiences here on the forum.  That is a great resource for newbies to shake off concerns.  After only a couple days spent at Haulover last fall (and my/our only experience at a c/o beach), I can wait to check out Gunnison this summer and see how it compares.  Hopefully some long day trips are possible as well sprinkled througout the season.  It's a 4+ hour drive but looks to be well worth it.

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