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Life Is Good And It Shows!!!

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Another Newb

Good Morning!


I'm making my first trip to Gunny tomorrow.  Going to a clothing optional beach is something I've always wanted to do.  Unfortunately, my wife thinks I'm weird for even wanting to.  So, I will be making the 2 hour drive by myself.  I'm looking forward to a day sans clothes.  Hope to meet some new friends!


Hedo Weekend

I overheard a conversation on the beach last weekend that this weekend there will be a group of Hedo people at the beach. We're planning on going Saturday and just want to be prepared for the crowd. I'm thinking we better get there very early before the crowd.

First trip

08/22/2016.....wife and i made first trip to a clothing optional beach.  Took us a few minutes, but then we just went for it.  Piece of cake, except i forgot to put sunscreen on my feet.  

Visiting 8/27/16 would like to make new Friends

My second Time at beach had a great day until the rains came Sad( anybody going this Saturday would like to make new friends will be their alone 50 yo male with plenty of body jewelry on big nipple rings you can't miss me.hope to make some life long friends.Stop by and say hi or let me know where you will be and I will stop by Party hope to meet you soon. Will be there at 9

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Wednesday 8/24/16 Time to PARTY NAKED! Roll Call

We ahven't been there in 2 weeks and we will be making up for it tomorrow!  Come join us if you'd like.  There is always a fun time to be had by all.   Party Party Party  Send us a pm or let us know here if you'll be joining us. ALL are welcome.  We'll be between the 2 lifeguard stands.  look for our leopard print flag in back of our blue umbrella/tent.  See you tomorrow!


Hello fellow sunbathers. Love the beach. Usually go to the south shore but feel adventurous. Will be heading to gunnison on Wednesday . Not sure what to expect but hoping to meet cool people to hangout. I'm 50ish but in decent shape.

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So enjoyable!

My wife and I have been making an annual trip to Gunnison for about a decade now. We went this past wednesday and Thursday. It is always such an enjoyable experience. We love the freedom we feel there and a swim feels great! Everone at the beach seems so friendly and nice. Just wanted to add a positive note. We might go back in September. Would love to meet some regular friends/

quick question

Wow, it had been a LONG time since I last visted Gunny, and did I miss it.  I went this past Sunday(8/21), granted I went by myself but had a blast.  Just tanned, listened to some music, and went in the ocean(which had a pretty strong current)


Im looking to go back again this coming Sunday, 8/28, but was wondering about smoking on the beach.  I want to bring my Hookah, but Im not 100% sure if I would be allowed to.  So basically can I bring this and use it on the beach?  Only plan on using it with tobacco

Reasonably priced room



California nudist guy staying in  Bergen County, plans to be at beach Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Prefer not to drive back and forth. Any tips of reasonaby priced rooms would be appreciated. If in private home, prefer clothing optional. 

Anyone need a ride from Trenton area Friday?

I may be going to Gunnison this Friday with a friend. It will be his first time. I won't know until Wed or Thurs. Anyone need a ride? Or want to drive and want company? I can get us in for half price.

Rude patrons

Everyone comes to the beach to enjoy themselves. Have respect for other people's area. People have been encroaching on other people's space. We are all here to enjoy the sun, beach and water.

My first time

Let me start by saying  2 things.  1  I try not to be judgemental. I do feel what makes me happy may not make the other peson happy so whatever dunks your donuts.  2 I am NOT a beach person at all.   With that being said  my boyfriend loves to go so I would like to make him happy. The first experiencee for me was the hardest and most embarrassing experince I've ever had.  I know I will never be comfortable even being topless let alone naked in public, which im ok with since it is clothing optional I can keep on my clothes.  But that wasn't my problem that day. My problem is that I've maybe have been around 10 men that were naked and I never really looked,  a glance here or there but never comfortable to look.  I want to at least be able to sit and be comfortable under the umbrella and allow him to enjoy the beach and being naked, and not freak out when  I see someone's privates come walking past the umbrella and stop to talk in my eyeline.  Here is a few questions that might or might not help next time.   When I go to the beach I usually pass the time by people watching. How do I people watch at gunnison without it being rude, gross or innappropriate? How do I get over the feeling of being embarassed?   Not sure I ever will but I would like to try.

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Crowded on sundays?

Is the beach full and packed with ppl on sundays? 

Percentage of Gunnies that are into swapping or swinging?

I've always wondered how many couples that go to Gunnison are into swapping? Or swinging?

And how many singles are into going there hoping to hook up? And then really do?

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