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Life Is Good And It Shows!!!

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Wednesday 6/29

We'll be there tomorrow, Wednesday the 29, with AandL65. We'll be having a great time,  as usual. Come out and join us. We'll  be to the right side of the beach. Look for her shirt draped over the back of our blue tent/umbrella. Send us a private message if you want to join us. All are welcome!

Party Cool Big smile Wink

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First time!!

I'm a newbie to the nude beach. Wanted to try it out for years and finally think I'm going to take that step. I want to embrace the natural side of things. I Don't have any friends that are on the same page though. I plan on making it over there either 6/29 or 6/30. Any females or couples interested in hanging and making my first stay a little less awkward?

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First time!!

I'm a newbie to the nude beach. Wanted to try it out for years and finally think I'm gonna take that step. I want to embrace natural side of things. Don't have any friends that are on the same page though. I plan on making it over there either 6/29, 6/30. Any females or couples interested in hanging and making my first stay a little less awkward?

Nervouse newbie looking to visit Thursday 6/30

Hello all. Newbie here!! I'm a 25 year old guy from DE looking to make my first trip to Gunnison beach this Thursday. I guess I wouldn't consider myself a nudist, but have always wanted to try out a nude beach. I am, however, a bit selfconscious/embarrassed about my body being as though I'm a heavier guy. I've read articles here with people saying that after they take their clothes off, all the nervousness goes away so I figured I would just go for it and see what happens. Any tips anyone can give me about the beach would be greatly appreciated. Also if anyone else is going to the beach on Thursday, I would love to meet new friends. Feel free to comment or shoot me a message.

1st visit of 2016, and it felt different - no tents

We finally got out to Gunnison on Sunday for the 1st time this year, the parking lots closed shortly after we got there but the place seemed less crowded and I couldn't figure out why? Then I overheard some people next to us bitching about needing to have look outs for the rangers since the tents are banned. I thought, oh yeah there arn't tents, but lots of half-shells, the place seemed less dense. Shortly after that I was smelling weed, the wacker was smoking with his head inside a backpack! Do what you want, but don't do it where I have to smell it.

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Places to stay for a few nights?

I'm sure This topic is over discussed but..
Any recommedations on places to stay? Last trip my wife and I stayed at "the Beachwalk" in Sea Bright, great clean place but its about $600 for two nights. Looking for a hotel/motel thats clean and maybe 1/2 that. Good night life would be a bonus. Or maybe a campground since we do have a camper van. How about a nudist resort? Thanks in advance.

First visit to GBNJ was Sunday 6/26

Hello all,

My first trip to GBNJ was this past Sunday. Ive been reading these forums for a month or so getting a feel for what to expect. Dont get me wrong... I am a native Floridian and have spent many spring, summer and fall days at clothing optional beaches such as Apollo, Playalinda & Haulover so I had a good idea as to what to expect as a first timer. I arrived shortly after five to watch the sunrise and I can tell you its comparable if not a better view than a Florida beach. Arriving this early there were only a few people on the beach so I chose a prime spot near the lifegaurd stand just a few feet from the high tide beach dropoff.

The beach filled up rather quickly since the forecast called for beautiful weather and mother nature sure came through that day. I started by sticking to myself for the first few hours but shortly were greated by somewhat regulars. if this was  you and your party i apologize because I am horrible with names but exceptional memory with faces. None the less I enjoyed the company and thank you for making me feel welcomed.

If there are other people on this site that are planning on going this wednesday 6/29 and any day this upcoming holiday weekend 7/2-7/4(couples, singles, i dont care) I come solo. I would like to meet other cool friendly people for hanging out, and  enoying a beautiful day in the NJ sunshine. Hopefully Sundays sunburn will subside by then.

I did notice one HUGE thing that was a complete turn off, being there are no trash recepticals, dumpsters, etc and the area by the bathrooms at parking lot G dropoff was completely trashed as if someone had flipped a large full dumpster over near the showers. This in my opinion was completely uncalled for but the park staff had it cleaned before I had to make my first restroom run.

Again I'd like to meet some of you great friendly people so let me know if and what dates you will be there.

Local Just Starting to Use the Beach

Hello! I'm a 19 year old single guy from the area who just starting going to Gunnison Beach. I got my first taste of the naked lifestyle in college and I'm hooked. I've gone a few times so far now this summer but never socialized on the beach at all. I plan on coming to Gunnison many more times so if anyone wants to meet up or anything I'm down! You can proabaly find me reading or swimming around in the ocean at any given moment on the beach. Thanks for the great forum, I'll probably be getting more involved here. See you on the beach!


 Are there any good places to eat around sandy hook ?


Any european couples here?

Wheel Barrel beach buggy

Anyone know where to buy these for a decent price? I have seen prices for like $450

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Parking on weedays

How's parking on weekdays?  I know the main lot fills pretty quick on the weekends/holidays, but how does it compare on an average weekday?  Thinking of making a trip down this week, probably Thursday, and just wondering if I need to worry about getting there early, or if I can safely come by around 11 or noon and not have to worry about the lot filling up.  First visit in about two years.  I'm pretty excited.

First Timer

Hey guys Im a 18 year old male from the Monmouth county area of central jersey looking to make my first trip down soon. Was wondering if any girls around my age wanted to come with so I feel less awkward?

Looking to go for first time and meetup with someone

Hi I'm interested in going for the first time.i never been before and would like to meetup with someone for talk and just to hangout and feel comfortable 25 handsome and fun.inbox me

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