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Life Is Good And It Shows!!!

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Incredible Day!!

Just another incredible day in paradise!!  Saw the very pretty Nicoleva again and was fortunate enough to share a couple cocktails.  Met IrishBeachGuy and Sandman which was pretty cool!  All in all .. a great day at the beach!!!

Its all so good!  Laughing 

Anyone want to meet the week of August 17th?

Planning to make my first trip to Gunnison the week of August 17, 2015. If anyone wants to meet and hang out just let me know. 45 year old black male looking to just relax and unwind, but would love some  company. Females or couple preferred. Let me know. Thanks.

Old newbie

Hola! I'm Joe, 48 y.o. nudist forever but never in public. I'm going to GB for the first time on 8/3; is there any unwritten ettiquette (besides the obvious, staring, etc.) so I don't brand myself inadvertantly as a creep? Not looking for hookups, just sun and water. I'm pretty reserved with meeting new people but don't mind talking.


Looking for kosher friends to chill with at the beach

New to Gunni new to site

Been to Gb now for first time last week, was really nice and relaxing loved the water, was first time so did not get fully nude as it was first time last week wana go again in the next week or 2, Im an 36 W male looking for friendly company not looking for any sex etc just friendly chat, Im straight so looking only for couples to chat or females, The best part about Gunni is that noone looks or cares about your body, yes we are not all celeb.

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Mobile mat fundraiser

I just wanted to give a shout out to the nice woman running the blue mat campaign. It was a pleasure meeting you and thank you again for the use of your mallet. I was angry that you were treated so rudely by the couple who blocked your sign. It was the first time I ever noticed unkind behavior at Gunni. You handled the situation with class and dignity.I will be contributing to the blue mat cause, hope you all do as well.




I am male 37 , goes regular to Gunnison, l love the beach becuase no one judjing you and also everyone is so friendly, i am going today , if any female intrested to join please buz me , looking forward to meet and make good friends.





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Maybe Tomorrow

I went about 3 weeks ago with one of my friends but she isn't around this weekend. I may end up going to Gunnison by myself tomorrow. I'll see how i feel in the morning since I had a long beach day elsewhere today. I am also pretty sure i recognized someone on the beach today further south that i also saw at Gunnison last time hahah and she was not shy. Big smile

Great day "Today" But.

Today was a great beach day got there around 8am. The weather was great. The water was refreshing. But!!! Left around 2pm and to my surprise and shock had to maneuver thru a blockade. There was a city of tents in the way. What's up with that. Hey "lifeguard " what's the policy on this.

Looking to hookup with other hot dudes, girls or hot swinger couple today 8/1 & 8/2

Planning to go to the beach today. Looking to hookup with other hot guys, girls or younger swinger couple to have some fun with. Prefer younger versatile fit discrete guys with big cock. No strings no bs. Same here. Clean, disease/drug free sexy good looking guy here. Reply and I'll check my email on a routine basis. Send pic if possible. Not sure I will bring phone to the beach so come find me, I have slender build with uncut cock. See my pics maybe they will help Smile I'll be there around 5pm or so.  



Nude Swimmer here.

Hello everyone!

     I just wanted to introduce myself.  I made my first trip to Gunnison last year and loved it.  I plan on getting to Gunnison a few times this coming week before I head on vacation to Southern California to get some sun everywhere I need it.  (lol).  If you have ever been to Gunnison and noticed an extremely tall/athletic build person who tends to swim naked, however, is still a little shy about being nude on the beach, it may have been me.  (I get paranoid about nude pictures of myself online).  Anyways, that's me. I'm generally open-minded, funny, and looking for adventure. 

Feel free to get in touch if anyone needs a swimming partner or just someone to have a few beers with.  I am still fairly new to the scene and this Tuesday will be only my 5th time at Gunnison.

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Had a decent day on Fiday, (after the flies died down) only to encounter a mountain of garbage left by the restrooms. It was absolutely disgusting. In case anyone does not already know, please be advised that Sandy Hook has a "Carry In/ Carry Out" policy. All trash must be taken home, there is no disposal at Gunnison.

We can all cooperate and make Gunnison a nicer place for everyone.

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Beach buddy

25 yo gay male looking for a beach buddy for today, August 1st. Would prefer people around my age but i'm open.

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Going to gunnison 8/1

Hi all,
Beautiful day for beach today. I'll be out there getting my tan on !!!! Smile

First Timers

Hi Everyone, I've been following this forum for over a year. I got some good tips on what to expect when I got there. Thanks everyone. My wife and I went on Friday for the first time. It was a great experence. I am not a beach person but I enjoyed going to Gunny. When we got there we set up the umbrella and the towels and got undressed. It was great. After a while we went into the water. It reminded me of the days I went to Coney Island as a kid. We went back to the blankets and struck up a conversation with a guy sitting next to us. He told me about the senior pass. I'm 63. After a while we went back into the water and were talking to another couple in there 40's. He was a firefigher and I'm a retired firefighter. We talk about all the weekends and holidays we worked. My wife and I look foward to returning to this great beach. We will bring out chairs the next time and I will get in for half price since I got my senior pass before I left.


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