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Young Ecuadorian Man

Does anybody know the name of the young Ecuadorian man who comes to Gunnison on Monday's and Tuesday's and sits on the left side of the beach not far from the sign that says you are entering clothed beach area. I met him a few times but never really had a long conversation with him until yesterday.  He told me his name but he is soft spoken and has an accent I wasn't sure what he said. Before I left the beach he wrote his name and email down for me and I stuffed the little piece of paper in my back pack before I left and for the life of me I cannot find it. Does anyone know his name and have his email? He said he wasn't on this site. He is very dark tan and he is usually carrying around an iPod and earbuds. I wanted to email him some information we talked about and I'm not sure if I will get to see him this season again. 


The walk ;)

A few weeks ago it was beautiful out. I got out of work of and I decided to go to gunnison because I didn't want to miss out on the beautiful day at the beach where you can be free. I sat down for a few then I got up started walking to the water. You stood there looking at me as I giggled and smiled. I got in but the rocks were killing my poor feet Sad and the water was strong it knocked me on my ass a few times lol. As a stranger you grabbed my hand and helped me up. I got out of the water, you found me sitting by myself. You asked me if I wanted to go for a walk and talk. It was amazing besides my feet hurting from the rocks. As we said goodbye you shook my hand like 3x I hope that one day we will run into eachother again.

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Thinking about going to the beach tomorrow anybody else???

Parking lot filled

Saturday (9/27) was amazing.  Best weather for a Saturday all season.   And the parking lot filled up and closed.  Can't recall that ever happening this close to October.  

Sunday is looking just as good.

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What a great day!!

Awesome day!!  Not a cloud in the sky and a lil bit of surf was left.  Season ain't over!! Wink

Anyone There Now?

About to head down and was just wondering how chilly it was.

Anyone There Now?

About to head down and was just wondering how chilly it was.

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In one Word - ATONEMENT !!!!!

Smile Smile Smile Smile

I was at the beach first time on 9/21 with my wife. This was my first visit and I wasn't sure if I should do it.

After a little encouragement from the wife ; we went in at around 4 PM after driving past the parking lot couple of times.

I was overly conscicous for the first 15-20 mins.

The pressure of "not looking" at others private parts is intense; but after 20 mins it went away.

I was amazed how well the folks were playing volleyball ... I wanted to join but didnt have the courage to do so.

Is there a forum of people registering to play volleyball and then meetup at a specific time.; If not is it good idea to do so? How about GVL (Gunny Volleyball League)

The beach is fantastic and waves were just like wooooosh wooooosh!! just WOW!

We got so happy in the semi - gigantic waves ; we shed our clothes and I put my car keys + iphone 4s + garage door opener in the pants ; put it far away from the water and ran to the ocean.

Water was mildly cold+ warmishhhh and after I was in for like 30 seconds ; it started feeling normal.

In about 30 mins from then ; an elderly gentleman pointed out that one/two of the gigantic waves had covered a lot of sand and our clothes were drenched/floating.

I frantically ran towards my belonging to find out the iphone screen was blinking weirdly blue and white; bidding its final good bye; the electronic garage door opener also died on me. Sad :( Sad

RIP my iphone!

Time to upgrade to Iphone 6 or 6 PLUS. Any suggestions?

All in all ; eventful, fun , exciting and UNIQUE experience.


Thanks all.


Weather Buoy

Our data buoy is back!!!!!     44065 is back up and running.  It was down since May.   That is 16 miles ESE of Gunnison.  

Gives a good current water temp and wind measurement.   Really helpful to check that to make the last minute decision to go/ no go.

Friday the 26th.

Hi everyone,

It looks like my schedule will allow a visist to Gunnison on Friday, but I have to leave by 1PM. If anyone is vivting early that day please drop me a line and maybe we can share some company?

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Nice Day yesterday

Nice crowd on Sunday.

I took my dog Yoda for a few hours and was not dispapointed.  Beach was packed and the weather was not as cold as I thought it was going to be.



Anyone going tomorrow (Monday)?

Ok! I'm actually doing this. First time to Gunnison tomorrow and first time nude in public. I'm excited and nervous! Is anyone else going to be there on a Monday?

Tiny windscreen tepee

On Saturday (9/20), there was a guy who set up with a very odd windscreen.   It formed a circle about 3 feet in diameter, completely enclosed, and appeared to be made of duct tape (but it may have been a silver-grey tarp material).  The guy must have to curl up in a fetal position just to fit inside.  On rare occasions he pops his head up like a ground hog for just a second. 

I have seen him before. I never thought much of it, except that he must be an weird eccentric dude.   But on Saturday, there was a commotion.   I didn't witness it first hand, but some women complained to the ranger that this ground hog dude was taking photos of them.  The ranger questioned the guy.  He may have told him to stop taking photos, or to move away, but made no arrest (since photos are not illegal).   The guy did then move his tiny windscreen thing to back near the dunes.

Just wanted to pass that along, in case you see that crazy tiny silvery windscreen thing.   Keep an eye on him.

And, if there are others here who use a similar mini-windscreen tepee like that, my apologies for saying it looks weird.   But it does.  Just saying.

21 sep beach tomorrow 25 yr gay male

Hey wondering if anybody wanted to go hang tomorrow I'm 25 looking to make friends. Gay male.Let me know if ur down weather permitting 

Nude dude getting barrels on Thursday

anyone see the guy surfing naked and killing thing ive seen at the gun ever.. Cool

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