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Really people

It's almost noon time and people are coming on the beach and saying "there's no spots by the water" really people what do you expect on a day like today. I thought getting here by 9-10 was early well once again I was schooled, I'll have to move my clock up a few hours for next week

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Any other men experience this??

I want to start off by saying I am completely serious about this and I was hoping if someone else has experienced this problem they might be able to help me fix the issue. I arrived at the beach very excited to be there and join in on the nudity experience. I soon realized I seemed to have a "dripping" problem. I tried to be discrete about constantly dabbing and absorbing the evidence. I was there that day for approximately 6 hours and it didn't seem to let up. I hope the more I go to the beach the less the faucet drips. I definitely don't want to offend anyone with this problem but I'm not really sure how to stop it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Is anyone going tomorrow, Saturday June 24?

Thinking about heading over tomorrow around noon once the rain stops and it's supposed to be sunny in the 80's..

Cant wait to relax and soak up some sun!

looking for an older woman to sunbath and chat


I plan to go to Gunnison tomorrow, Saturday June 24th to soak up some sun and tan.
Any older women interested in sitting together to tan and chat?

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Watch Out Driving

A ranger pulled me over on Wednesday (we were headed to North Beach, not Gunnison) and told me to slow it down. I must have been going about forty, but I wasn't even keeping pace with the rest of the traffic, all of which cruised smoothy past us. The ranger was a decent guy, but he could have singled out anyone. Instead he got us. Whatever. I suppose he just wanted to make a visual point to the other drivers--typical badge thinking. But watch out anyway.

This coming sunday

Anyone going to be at the beach this Sunday that would like to meet up, looking to make some new beach triends

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First day of the season for me tomorrow!

Hey all,


I'm so happy to be coming in tomorrow. Who's going to be there?


Just throwing out a quick survey. I was wondering the other day if it is harder or more intimidating for men or women to get naked on the beach? First timers input would be the most interesting. After you are inititated, there is no problem getting the clothes off.



Me and the wife are going to venture down we will probly set up behind the life guard if your a couple come by and say hello we love meeting new people


Tueday was not a bad day at Gunny. It was very warm which brought out a fair number of folks for a tuesday. Taked with Lou who was supply the north section of the beach with good music. Lots of people in the water even though it is only 63-65 degrees. Sure hope the birds finish with their chick raising duties so that the beach can be opened up. Dancing man was present also. I meant to ask him what music he listens to when he dances. A late in the day volleyball game was started around 7 pm and those folks were having a good time. All in all, not a bad day.

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Penis Tattoo

Hello Everyone,

So glad the season is finally here! I was there on 6/11 and there was a great crowd. I am trying to find a guy who I saw walking and he had star tattoos on his penis. Was hoping he might be a member of this forum or someone here might know him. I wanted to speak with him but was in another conversation and by the time I was finished I could not find him. Anyway, any help would be great. Thaank you all.

When can we walk South?

Does anyone know aproximately when we will be allowed to walk south?

Is there a magic date?

When was it last year?

YES I know its to protect the wildlife.  But I also know it eventually opens up.




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How I FIRST learned of Gunnison Beach, NJ


How I FIRST learned of Gunnison Beach, NJ

(This was written in June 2015, two years ago)

I first learned of Gunnison from a group of transplanted Jersey folks while on Playalinda Beach in Florida. They are a group of at least three couples & some other friends who usually attend Playalinda on weekends. They go big! Wind barrier, camping stove, everything you could possibly need for the day. Bacon & eggs never smelled as good as they did at their site. They were having lots of fun and it was contagious. I struck up a conversation with them when I saw them on my second visit. One of the guys told me that he met his Wife on a nude beach. See what interesting things CAN happen?

I told him I was in FL on business and was from the Northeast. He said "well, you know there is Gunnison Beach in NJ not too far from you". Immediate interest!  He shared a few details about location, etc. and I have been making plans to visit ever since.

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My visit to St. Maarten’s Club Orient as a Sea Cruise Visitor

My visit to St. Maarten’s Club Orient as a Sea Cruise Visitor

I wanted to make this visit from the very first time I heard about Club Orient from some folks I spoke to on the beach at Playalinda, FL.

When we booked our 12 day Caribbean Cruise I learned that our 3rd stop would be St. Martin. Plans began immediately to find out everything possible about St. Martin & especially Club Orient. Over the next weeks & months I read what I could and even emailed the Club & any other site I could find available for information.

Because there was such limited time to visit St. Martin, I was concerned about getting from the Port to Club Orient & back in ample time before the ship sailed.

The day before our stop in St. Martin was a visit to St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. While waiting outside one of the shops we stopped to rest at a little umbrella covered table. At the next table was a young couple who were fellow cruisers and the man was wearing a ball cap with the Club Orient logo. Here was my opportunity to speak to someone in person who had ‘actually’ been there!

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