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Excited about going my first Saturday looking to really enjoy myself


is there a universal symbol for wanting to be left alone on the beach? I have read a lot of posts about people wanting to meet people but when I go to Gunnison to unplug it seems someone always wants to talk to me and does not sense that I want to be alone. any ideas? Thank you

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Wed 8/16 first visit

Thanks for the friendly conversation on our first visit.

*****Nude camping?*****

Wife and I are interested in a weekend alone nude camping has anyone here been to a local one if so was it clickish, or just like gunny where everyone is cool? Let us know thanks in advance. -A&J-

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Great day on the beach today. Weather and water were beautiful. Meet some very nice people today. Can't wait to go back another day! 


I often see a very attractive, in her 20's, woman whose has bandages/coverings on her leg and arm and also carries a blowup unicorn figure. Does anyone know the significance of the unicorn? If she was injured, I hope she recovers soon.

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Heat of Passion group

Heat of Passion will be getting it together the weekend of August 25-27 at Sandy Hook beach in New Jersey.
We will be posting a schedule of events for the group.
Friday morning from 8 Am till (all day) on the beach. Look for Heat of Passion banner for our group.
Friday night we will have a Meet and Greet. ( sexy attire ). Time and location will be announced after finalization. Probably a ball room at the Holiday Inn in Hazlet, NJ with DJ etc. That is where most of us are staying and overflow at Best Western down the street.
Saturday morning back on the beach at 8 AM till.
Saturday night a Hedo Party that is being put on by the reunion group at the Holiday Inn in Hazlet, NJ.
We are going to be putting together some activities for the beach and the Meet & Greet. Possible Wet T Shirt contest and other adult sexy games. 
Stay Tuned for updates.
Tank Tops and Ladies Thongs available. 

Anyone else who would like to join us, feel free to contact us here.


Oh and I forgot to mention the live music on the beach.  Battery powered Keyboard and singers. The musicians were pros and sounded very good.

Sunday the 5th

Another good day at Gunny. The weather was mostly overcast but it was still a good day. Sometimes being in the sun all day is punishing. The Giants area had a Limbo competiton with many people participating and watching. Mark and Vicky had a welcome tent set up and were offering people fruit soaked in 151 and other sweet cocktails. We were surrounded by friendly people and many stopped by to say hello. The south end of the beach is open so one can walk for almost a mile. This is so liberating. Some day I will do the walk without my glasses or hat to be totally naked. I will not be able to see peoples faces but it should be an experience.  Being at Gunny is  like being in the Garden of Eden. Naked with no shame, sun ,ocean, friendly people and beautiful men and woman. It does not get much better.

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Who’s here today?

Beautiful day right? Let me know if you’re here! Cool

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Friends at the Beach

Smile hi.
Attractive couple (43male &34 female) looking for nice couple, couples to meet at GBNJ.

Looking for twenties or thirties to early forties age-wise.


First for the year

Wink Big smile ,Getting in a couple of hours in for the first time this year. Turning to be ok day so far

this weekend

Because of family commitments, I was not able to go this weekend. I was very unhappy about that. I was hoping to see some of the folks I met last weekend. But I will be going Tuesday. I prefer to go on weekends because of the larger crowds but any day at this beach is a good day.

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Return of MOLEMAN

Did anyone notice MOLEMAN at the beach Sunday? Saw him as we were comming in.He was ste up back by the dunes.

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Gay couple looking for other couples.

Gay couple here 27 years old looking for other couples to meet up with. Anyone interested in getting a group together?

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