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Just throwing out a quick survey. I was wondering the other day if it is harder or more intimidating for men or women to get naked on the beach? First timers input would be the most interesting. After you are inititated, there is no problem getting the clothes off.



Tueday was not a bad day at Gunny. It was very warm which brought out a fair number of folks for a tuesday. Taked with Lou who was supply the north section of the beach with good music. Lots of people in the water even though it is only 63-65 degrees. Sure hope the birds finish with their chick raising duties so that the beach can be opened up. Dancing man was present also. I meant to ask him what music he listens to when he dances. A late in the day volleyball game was started around 7 pm and those folks were having a good time. All in all, not a bad day.


Its is a clear sunny day but to cool (57 deg) to be at the beach. Soon the beach will be filled with many people enjoying the freedom of the clothing optional beach. For those who want to give it a try this summer, make sure you do. It is such a liberating feeling.  

Saturday April 29



Friday was an excellant day for the folks who were there. Good crowd, lots of sun, mild breeze, and temperate water. The ocean was a bit rough. I stayed until aftersun set. Walking along the beach to the south end at that time of the day (sunset) was a experience I will cherish. For anyone who is wanting to try this type of beach experience but is hesitant, don't be. This place is so unique.


The weather forecast for Friday is 80 degrees and sunny. It will then cool off for the weekend. Folks, this could be it for the season. Plan now to head for the beach on Friday. Lets have a good crowd to finish off the season. Call in sick , take a vacation day, or just head for the beach. When it is cold and snowy, you will be glad you


Saturday was a very good day at the beach. Hung out with sandman, irishguy, and livinglife.  Do not give up on the beach season just yet. The temperature was warm, the water is still good for swimming and the crowds have thinned so it’s not jammed. It was all positives on Saturday. There was a nice mix of people present.  We did not see the negatives sometimes reported on this site.  Watch the weather forecasts and make plans to go to the beach. It is a long time till it comes around again.



Inspite of the overcast weather, monday was a good day. The NYPD helocopter made a slow pass at under a 100 feet and some dude on a jet ski blasted through the swimming area to the displeasure of the lifeguards. Walkers are making the long trek to the south end which is just under a mile per the Sandman. Happy to see some younger folks coming to the beach. The season is winding down as it is August already. Make your plans to attend. Before you know it, the temperatures will start to decline and going to the beach will not be a thought anymore.

Wednesday Reportout

The reports of open water came about 1030 and I was in the car on my way in 15 minutes. It was a beautiful day at the beach. It was warm but not hot.  There was a gentile breeze that picked up in the afternoon going up the beach and no biting flies. The ocean was calm with no real waves but did seem a bit colder than the last time. The crowd was sizable for a weekday.

High Bacteria

What is the best way to find out if the water is reopened for swimming. I do not want to make the 2 hour drive if swimming is not allowed. Hopefully the Gunnison stewards will be all over this issue.

Report out for Saturday JUne 18

Got to Gunny around 1045 and there were not many parking spaces left. When I got to the end of the blue mats, I could not believe the crowd density. It was packed. I set up behind the New York and Giants groups. To the north, there was a couple that set up such an elaborate tent enclosure. It took them 45 minutes to set everything up. There was a large curved canopy, three side half tents and a wind screen for the open side. A lot of work. The New York group was packing the people in. So many people belong to this group. There was one man who should be the mayor of Gunny because he knows so many folks and spends so much energy greeting them as they show up.

June 1

Made the trip today. Second time this season.  The weather was good, lots of sun and a cool breeze. Small crowd but good attendance for a weekday. Did anyone notice the guy in the red zumba skirt dancing on the beach?  He did this all afternoon.  That is real dedication to his art. Still have not been able to start conversations with anyone. I see couples, singles and large gatherings. Never sure where to try to fit in. I always go alone because the wife won't try it. The water is still to cold for me but I think the next time will be a swim day. It is still worth the four hours of driving.


The weather looks very good for Wednesday. Hopefully many people will feel the same way and make plans to go to the beach.

Gloomy Weather

When will this cool overcast/rain weather end. I keep watching the weather predictions for a possible day to start the season. Wednesday was looking good for a while but the prediction has changed to rain.  Currently next Sunday is a possibility! It would be nice to get there before the south end is closed off. That is a nice walk with the south end open.

Waiting for the right day

I was a first timer in August 2015. I can confirm that this beach is addictive. I have no problem making the 2 plus hour drive. Waiting for the right day to start off the 2016 season. I go alone because my wife will not even consider going to this beach. Hoping this year to make some aquaintances rather than always being alone. This is a challenge when you are a senior.

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