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I often see a very attractive, in her 20's, woman whose has bandages/coverings on her leg and arm and also carries a blowup unicorn figure. Does anyone know the significance of the unicorn? If she was injured, I hope she recovers soon.


Oh and I forgot to mention the live music on the beach.  Battery powered Keyboard and singers. The musicians were pros and sounded very good.

Sunday the 5th

Another good day at Gunny. The weather was mostly overcast but it was still a good day. Sometimes being in the sun all day is punishing. The Giants area had a Limbo competiton with many people participating and watching. Mark and Vicky had a welcome tent set up and were offering people fruit soaked in 151 and other sweet cocktails. We were surrounded by friendly people and many stopped by to say hello. The south end of the beach is open so one can walk for almost a mile. This is so liberating. Some day I will do the walk without my glasses or hat to be totally naked. I will not be able to see peoples faces but it should be an experience.  Being at Gunny is  like being in the Garden of Eden. Naked with no shame, sun ,ocean, friendly people and beautiful men and woman. It does not get much better.

this weekend

Because of family commitments, I was not able to go this weekend. I was very unhappy about that. I was hoping to see some of the folks I met last weekend. But I will be going Tuesday. I prefer to go on weekends because of the larger crowds but any day at this beach is a good day.


Saturday was a good day despite the gloomy weather start of the day. When I arrived at 1215, the G lot was only half full. That will not be the case on Sunday.  Lots of volleyball action, lots of people at the water line and in the water and no flies. Talked with the one of the 'No Drama' folks and some others nearby. Definetly worth the long drive.

I am pretty sure the Gunny videogragher was present on Saturday.  If you see this older guy, alone, in a chase lounge back from others, keep in mind he may have his camera rolling. I think he had the camera under is leg and was controlling it with his right hand. Sometimes he has the camera under the lounge. If you are part of a big crowd, watch out for this guy. Not cool.

Sunday the 9th

Folks, sunday looks like a perfect beach day. The prediction is for sunny and 80 degrees. Make plans now to be at the beach. If your driving, better get there by 10ish to ensure a parking spot. Then join the crowd of like minded people and experience the feeling of being without clothes in public. Swim in the ocean and not have a wet swim suit to irritate your skin. Come on out and join the gang. Hope to see you there.

Full Beach

Concerning when the south end of the beach will be open, the following comment is from the sandman. For those who do not know the sandman, he is the unoffical beach historian. Unfortunately, sandman moved to Florida but still checks in on the website.

'Last few years, the south end opens in mid August. They decide based on the performance of the piping plover nests.  Some years they pushed it well into September though"


Man was it ever crowed on Sunday and that is a good thing. Perfect beach day. Water still a bit chilly when you first go in. There was a sea of people down at the water line. Lou as always had his mellow oldie music playing all day. Some people refer to him as the Mayor and others as the Beach Master. The lifeguards were really on the ball. I saw two rescues. One from a woman who looked like she was in trouble but was not and one where the man did need help.  Good work LifeGuards. For folks curious but hesitant to try this beach, you really should just do it. You have to know that the people who go here are into it and are very friendly.  Its kind of like a club. Eight weeks left in the summer season. Don't miss out.


Just throwing out a quick survey. I was wondering the other day if it is harder or more intimidating for men or women to get naked on the beach? First timers input would be the most interesting. After you are inititated, there is no problem getting the clothes off.



Tueday was not a bad day at Gunny. It was very warm which brought out a fair number of folks for a tuesday. Taked with Lou who was supply the north section of the beach with good music. Lots of people in the water even though it is only 63-65 degrees. Sure hope the birds finish with their chick raising duties so that the beach can be opened up. Dancing man was present also. I meant to ask him what music he listens to when he dances. A late in the day volleyball game was started around 7 pm and those folks were having a good time. All in all, not a bad day.


Its is a clear sunny day but to cool (57 deg) to be at the beach. Soon the beach will be filled with many people enjoying the freedom of the clothing optional beach. For those who want to give it a try this summer, make sure you do. It is such a liberating feeling.  

Saturday April 29



Friday was an excellant day for the folks who were there. Good crowd, lots of sun, mild breeze, and temperate water. The ocean was a bit rough. I stayed until aftersun set. Walking along the beach to the south end at that time of the day (sunset) was a experience I will cherish. For anyone who is wanting to try this type of beach experience but is hesitant, don't be. This place is so unique.


The weather forecast for Friday is 80 degrees and sunny. It will then cool off for the weekend. Folks, this could be it for the season. Plan now to head for the beach on Friday. Lets have a good crowd to finish off the season. Call in sick , take a vacation day, or just head for the beach. When it is cold and snowy, you will be glad you


Saturday was a very good day at the beach. Hung out with sandman, irishguy, and livinglife.  Do not give up on the beach season just yet. The temperature was warm, the water is still good for swimming and the crowds have thinned so it’s not jammed. It was all positives on Saturday. There was a nice mix of people present.  We did not see the negatives sometimes reported on this site.  Watch the weather forecasts and make plans to go to the beach. It is a long time till it comes around again.


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