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When can we walk South?

Does anyone know aproximately when we will be allowed to walk south?

Is there a magic date?

When was it last year?

YES I know its to protect the wildlife.  But I also know it eventually opens up.




Walking south??

Semi newbie here...are you alowed to walk south where it is deserted?  I saw 4-6 people going that way today, in pairs, but then the ranger car drove down there and they seemed to tell them to come back.

Whats the rule?

What happens in the south part?

When can you, when cant you?

Trying to learn all the protocols and all the rules...pls help.


2 serious questions...please help

Relatively new so please pardon the questions...


1. I see people peeing on the beach which I found odd.  Youd never see this on a clothed beach.  And I know people re nude so not a huge deal...but they do so discrete and you cant see their front side...just wondering how and why its OK to pee?


2. What happens in the wind screens area that people have, like, that are enclosed (a square).  I see people in them, then invite a friend to come in too...and they stay low and of course you cant see them.  Is there sex happening?  Is it tolerated when its discrete lke this?  


Sorry for the dumb Qs.  Im a newbie, rookie.







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