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Life Is Good And It Shows!!!

Wednesday 8/23 - Anyone coming?

Hey! I'm going to be there tomorrow, Wednesday, 8/23. I'd love to meet some folks. Anyone else going to be there?

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We made it.

We are here. Anyone else here want to meet?

From the horses mouth...


Heard it from a US Park Ranger this morning: next year the Beach will be alcohol free.

He said its official.


Excited about going my first Saturday looking to really enjoy myself


is there a universal symbol for wanting to be left alone on the beach? I have read a lot of posts about people wanting to meet people but when I go to Gunnison to unplug it seems someone always wants to talk to me and does not sense that I want to be alone. any ideas? Thank you

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Wed 8/16 first visit

Thanks for the friendly conversation on our first visit.

Going for the first time on Friday 18th

I'm a 29yr old male. I will be going on Friday 18th alone. I would like to see I could hangout with someone around my age that day.

Please let me know who would like to meet up.

Going on Friday 18th

I'm a 29yr old male. I will be going on Friday 18th alone. I would like to see I could hangout with someone around my age that day.

Looking forward to my first time this Saturday!

Hi everyone,

I'm John, I'm a 38 year old single guy from Northern New Jersey. I've been toying with the idea of going to Gunnison for years, but never took the plunge. Well, weather permitting this coming saturday I'm seriously considering going. I'll probably leave home super early and head down to the beach, hoping to arrive around 7:30 or 8am. I've been reading a lot of posts on the forums and read the FAQs.. Is there any other advise you all could give a super nerverous, but super excited first timer? This week is going to drag until Saturday.

Couples on Labor Day weekend?

Hey fellow beach goers! My wife and I are pretty new to Gunnison. We are coming down over Labor Day weekend and are interested in hanging out with other couples around our age (or not). We are 34, professionals, liberal-leaning, and well-traveled. Would be great to hang out in the sun with anyone who will be around. Let us know!

Labor Day Weekend-Married Couple Going?

Hi, all! New-ish members of Gunnison Beach here. We are a young, professional, left-leaning couple in our early 30s who are planning on going to Gunnison Beach on Labor Day weekend. We'd love to spend some time with like-minded people while we're there, hang out, and have good time. Anyone going to be around?

We will be on the beach near the water with a rainbow umbrella. Husband is tall and dark, wife is short and white.

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Heading down for Wifes Birthday

Wife wanted to spend her birthday weekend down at Gunnison. So, I have to make her birthday wish come true. We will be down there Sat, Sun and Monday. Looking for others couples to celebrate with us. 

*****Nude camping?*****

Wife and I are interested in a weekend alone nude camping has anyone here been to a local one if so was it clickish, or just like gunny where everyone is cool? Let us know thanks in advance. -A&J-

Thursday Aug. 17th

Hi. I trying to come to Gunnison on Aug. 17th. First timer. Going alone doesn't bother me one bit, but I was seeing if there was any female out there in the same spot going solo. Meet a stranger and go to a nude beach! Why not?? LOL. I am 49 yo, IT professional, nice down to earth guy, in good shape, about 6'2" and 165lbs. People say I look way younger than my age. Not bald, no gut, and not grey! LOL. I am very easy to talk to and I have a sarcastic sense of humor. I live in PA, so weather will depend if I drive over. Looks sunny and 80 so far! It would be nice to have someone to hang out with. I plan to arrive in the late morning and stay until mid-afternoon.



new to this group - not to Gunnison though


Although I am new to this group/forum I am not new to Gunnison Nude Beach.

Im my early 20s I heard that a nude beach existed but only knew it was at Sandy Hook. I was too shy to even ask where it was but I figured that it must be at a secluded location so I parked I think in a lot just one too far and started walking the wrong direction. Well, that trip was a bust because I ended up walking around the tip of the hook and never found the beach! If at first you don't suceed try again. Believe this time I made a phone call and was told exactly where it was.

Second time I found it! I was super nervous going. I was raised in a very conservative house. My father wasn't overly modest around me and from time to time I would see him walking nude from the bathroom to the bedroom. As a preteen I was a bit frustrated at not being told by the doctor prior to having my underwear lowered for a genital exam and merely told to "get used to it" by my parents. Therefore deciding to go on my own and take my clothes off in the daylight around men and women was really pushing my limits.

I got to the beach and was absolutely AMAZED by what I saw. I saw men/women, young/old, thin/fat, etc every 'opposite' that you could possibly think of and it was truly wonderful. People were interacting and appreciating each other without the 'labels' that we are using in society - no 'value' judgment because Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Reebok, etc were no where to be seen.

I was shocked on a trip not too long after that when I ran into my COUSIN with a few of his friends. Well, it got out and the family was shocked that I was there...not him though!

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