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Hi All, I was wondering are cameras allowed onto the beach? I see a few people with them but I wasn't sure if we are allowed to take pictures, and if we are what are the common rules that we have to follow?


You can bring a camera, and there are no official rules, but you should definitely be careful. From
If you plan on taking photos of nature on your way to and from the beach, bring your camera, but leave it in your bag while at the beach. If you plan on taking photos at the beach, leave the camera at home - taking snapshots of other nudists, especially without permission, is taboo.There may be some people that don't mind, and I've seen some people posing for photographs, but you should definitely ask anyone whether you can take their picture FIRST. It may be a public beach, and you may be within your rights to take it, but many people don't like it. I've even heard someone once mention that you'll find your batteries missing if you use your camera.

You can bring a camera, but

You can bring a camera, but there are some basic understandings about its use. It's best to check this Web site for further information. There are a number of opinions here. 

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