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Would you pay for a Beach Taxi Service to take you from the Entrance to the water?

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Great idea

It would get my wife to start going again.She had foot surgery and ever since then the walk in the sand is painful for her.

Good idea, but maybe an

Good idea, but maybe an unmanned JFK/AirTrain like solution would be better.

Pay with a MetroCard, board by the snack bar, restroom area.  Three stop, texttile area, c/o area, the south section.  For the return trip, use the MetroCard to pay upon exiting. 

Maybe the service could be extended to the parking lot, or do you think that might be unrealistic? 

Mini train

OK, the park service was not pleased with my plan for the giant trebuchet.   They said it might upset the birds.   And some mumbo jumbo about everyone dying when they hit the water, blah, blah.  Typical bureaucrats.

I like your AirTrain idea.    How about this?  To minimize the cost, and impact, we go with a tiny train.   Like those tiny trains at kids' amusement parks.  Perhaps we call it the Freeball Express.  Run it in a circuit from the Gunny pavilion out to near the water and back.  After the season, the tracks could be removed and stored.  

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Not understanding this ..

"From the Entrance to the water"

What exactly does that mean?  Entrance to the park?  And if yes, how would that be able to get you to the water?  Or do you mean "Entrance" to the parking lot?  And if that is the case, what type of taxi would this be??

Just curious Smile

Cool   IRIE

Simple solution

Not certain what Lifeguard has in mind for his beach taxi service. 

I prefer the idea of erecting a giant trebuchet in the Gunny entrance pavilion.  For a nominal fee, we launch you into the air, over the beach, and into the ocean.  A short swim back ashore and you are all set.   Problem solved.

Or, we could donate to the Mobi-Mat gofundme campaign.    Boring, compared to my trebuchet, but I suppose it is more practical.

Could've used that Giant trebuchet yesterday!

But realistically, I vote for the Mobi-Mat.
I had my first experience yesterday at Gunny and now I totally understand about the loong walk to the beach. I had an even tougher time dragging my "small wheeled" cooler through the sand. I truly Thank God and the 5 kind hearted people who had mercy on me when they saw me struggling and offered to help by taking on several yards when the Mobi-mat ended. So I "Totally" get it and will be donating since I do plan to make Gunny my home beach. I've learned my lesson. Keep it Lite or have the proper beach cart until the Mobi-Mat is fully installed down to the beach.

Mobi Mats

Haha.  Yep, the Mobi-Mats are definitely the way to go. 

I noticed there was a recent update on the gofundme site.  They are purchasing the next 50 foot mat.  We will probably see it out there soon.   There will be more to come as they receive more donations. 

I don't have a cart myself.  I know that people swear by Wheeleez carts.   But they are SUPER expensive ($250 to $350), but they are very common at Gunny.    Some say the Tommy Bahama carts do the job (under $100).  However I have also seen people dragging them through the sand and complaining about them.   Probably depends how much you load them down. 

Hope you had a good time though, despite the walk! 

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