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I consider myself a nudist:

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I consider myself a Nudist

I too am naked around the house all day, Wish I could bare all, and get the old Witchs next Door's goat.  She is one of the most hatefull, and nosey neighbor I have ever heard of!  Peeps in my windows.  Hope she enjoys the show!  Wish I could take it off on the inclosed patio, but she'd probably call the Police again, and have me locked up!  Can't wait to move!

I was at Gunni once so far this Season, and although I didn't bare all, I think my clothes will fall off my next trip there. It was so peaceful laying on the sand, listening to the birds singing their songs, and enjoying the sun. 

being nude


  someone that loves being nude all the time. i'm nude in the house every chance i get, sometimes in the back yard


What is our definition of Nudist?


Danny's defination of "nudist" is pretty much spot on.

Being naked alone or in the company of friends whenever possible, pretty much explaines this thing of ours. Wink


I just think it is strange that we need a special name for us.   There is nothing wrong with nudity.   How could our bodies be bad?    So what if 99% of people think nudity is crazy.  They are wrong, we are right.    They should be called clothists.   We should be called normal.

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