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Anybody going 8/21? It's my first time.

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M 34, fat. Lol but looking to maybe be able to mingle with others so that I'm not alone or bored. Lol it may thunderstorm though. Sad

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LOL! First time I've ever seen anyone refer to themselves as "fat" in an introductory description. It doesn't matter what shape you're in. A lot of people who aren't trim and fit go to Gunnison and other nude beaches. The variety of shapes, sizes and colors is one of the things that makes these gatherings of like-minded individuals so awesome.

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Lol I appreciate the comment.

Lol I appreciate the comment. I almost truly feel like I would get judged more at a clothed beach than I would at Gunnison. I hope to be pleasantly relaxed and free as I have never been before. I was probably a small child the last time I didn't wear a shirt at a pool or beach. 

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