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Third time in Gunnison .. Looking for beach partner !

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Hi this is my third time to gunnison beach ..
First time I was afraid( for some unknown reason ) to take my clothes off .

Second time .. Yeah got up of that fear and took it all off and it was awesome sunbathing..
But the second time I was all alone on the beach as I went by myself.. So was little bored.. Initially I thought of having conversation with someone ..
But since I was alone I was afraid that people think of me as a jerk and also recursively about their complaints to the Rangers out there ..

Now I want to visit third time ,, any word of advice for third time so that I don't get bored ??

Also looking for company

I'm in the same situation as you.  I would love someone to hang out with.  I am a married guy, 48 whose wife knows I go alone.  She is fine with it.  I'm just looking for a companion, nothing crazy.  

Also looking for company

I too am in the same situation. I am a married 60 year old who often goes alone and I don't want to be bored sitting by myself. I have taken my wife and to my surprise she liked it and wants to return with me but she can't always go with me due to her schedule. We live in Syracuse so the only time I get to go is when I have work in the area.
I plan to go tomorrow, 9/23, and would like to have some company to talk to.

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Stop by and say hi I'll be

Stop by and say hi I'll be flying the black orang and red pirate flag seems we are all in same boat. She can't make it today but it's to nice to pass

No tan lines for 20 years


I plan on getting there this morning for a few hours. Also going solo because my wife can't come on weekdays.

How can I find you?

I should be there by 9:30- 10:00.
I will be in an orange Tommy Bahama beach chair, wearing a Jack Daniels hat.
Look me up and stop and say hi and we can chat a while.
I like to sit close to the water by the second lift guard stand. I am also going to be looking for another solo guy that has put out an open invite for others to hang out so I may be sitting with him.

I never been there before. I'm a 29 year old male. I

Hey I can meet up with you eternal sunshine this friday. I was going to go this weekend but the Strom worried me.  It takes me 2 hours to drive and I didn't want to make the trip just to be disapppointed.  But I'm 29 and never been to a nude beach

  I can't wait to go and have a few beers

Bring a female to the beach &

Bring a female to the beach & share the experience.  

May not seem immediately feasible to you, but I think it's much easier than striking up a friendship with a naked lady who doesn't know you.   

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Met a yung couple that want to come

Met a couple in the bar last night and I was talking to them about our beach she was like I want to go think my friend would go so she may show ion Saturday while her boy friend is doing his own thing. She had no idea thier was a nude beach in sandy hook. They were one of the crazy couples on c beach sat and sun. Don't be afraid to talk to people off the beach you never know who you will meet. I'm headed back for the 5th day of my weekend and gunny

No tan lines for 20 years

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