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20-30yr old beach group

Hey all, just wondering if there are many 20-30 yr old individuals on here who might like to set up a group to hang out in. Myself a straight, 30yr old male often gets unwanted/unsolicited advances from other men. I feel like getting a group together of males and females within this age range could be fun as well as a deterant from horn-dogs.

30 yr old male here

30 yr old male here interested in joining. Feel free to message me with any details if things pull through! Also I may head to gunnison shortly for an hour or two today if anyone wants to join.


Count me in as well please! Smile

Nice ass!

Nice ass!

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Im in

Im in

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I may have an answer.. Dont

I may have an answer.. Dont sit in the Gay section... orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.. Bring a female friend!!!


I remember last year we had the guy who said he gets people asking him for penis pics.. Great entertainment here n the site. 

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Married couple

32/36 m/f married couple here. 


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There is a  Kik  Group

There is a  Kik  Group already

is it opened to join or

is it opened to join or invite only? I am interested. Thanks in advance.

Group Messenger?

hey everyone. what are all your thoughts on starting a group chat in something like kill messenger. I'm sure no one wants to give out their personal contact info, there may be some creeps on here haha, hence the suggestion for a third party app where we all have some privacy. Invite only and we can boot anyone who the group is uncomfortable with. Thoughts? The app is free and can be anonymous, Just thought it may be a good way to stay in touch and coordinate visits.

Chat Group is free and has a good chat group.

awesome thanks

awesome thanks

I am

I am Nood4Life on TN    If you decide to join, say hello!

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Sounds like a great plan to me!

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count me in too

count me in too


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I would be interested

I would be interested


Sounds good we are a couple im 28 and she is 25

Let us know we would be interested always fun to hang with another couple or group. We will be there Saturday's mostly this summer

awesome we are a three count!

awesome we are a three count! hopefully we'll have some more people interested. The more the merrier! We will figure out contacting one another as the weather warms.

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