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Nudist/Naturist KIK group chat anyone?

Hey everyone, just gauging interest to see if anyone would like to start up a group chat in some sort of app that provides some privacy. None of us want to display personal info on here because let's face it, there's lots of creeps. Us nudists/naturists are a small community and I figured this way we could all casually stay in touch and plan beach outings. Let me know how you feel about the idea. If you're interested add your messenger account name and if there is enough interest, both male and female I'll set something up. invite only, group decides who stays and who goes if anyone is inappropriate. Talk soon!

The new group on KIK

The new group on KIK messenger is set up. Encouraging participation from people ages 18-38. Not trying to exclude people to be mean, just figured this way people may feel more comfortable sharing pics, stories and such. Search #gunnisongroup1838 or Gunnison Group 18-38. See you all there!

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I tried to join but could not

I tried to join but could not find the group. My kik name is njkayaker33. Also I'm on Snapchat njnudist34.

KIK Group

Gunnie is a lot of things to a lot of people but the one thing it is not is discriminatory. Inviting one age group and excluding others is not only rude, it goes against the open minded principles of nudity in general. If you wish to form a private group of friends then do it outside the venue of Gunnison Beach. I, myself would not be excluded from the group since I'm 21 (in Celsius).

Don't let it bother you

I take the high road and ignore stuff like this...especially posts from someone who only joined the site 6 days ago.

We agree

Started typing something similar to this yesterday but couldn't find the right words. Thank you!


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So have you 2 joined the new

So have you 2 joined the new Kik chat group yet?

We haven't

We have not. We don't meet the age demographic.

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Don't worry about the age...

Don't worry about the age... Just go join 

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Signed up

Just signed up and joined the group as hawkling2013

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nice work, thanks.     

nice work, thanks. 



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Kik chat

What's the name of the kik group? The new one and the one that's already in place. I would like to join.

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There isnt a new one yet but

There isnt a new one yet but we can make a new one. the other one just search gunnison beach or #gunnisonbeach


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I am part of one of the kik

I am part of one of the kik groups, but I was thinking, what about having a group on KIK that people also share their pictures. Kind of like we can on here, but on there it is a smaller group and more direct interaction. And I guess can even be more than just your routine beach or mirror pictures from home. 

yea we can absolutely set up

yea we can absolutely set up something like that. what is your username? atbw some more people would be interested in this idea. sort of a way to break the ice so to speak before getting nude in front of a whole beach full of strangers in real life.

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msg me with urs   

msg me with urs 


username is same as on here

username is same as on here nandtgnb (nude and tattooed, gunnison nude beach) i started a kim group for individuals 18-38. search #gunnisongroup1838. Nothing against older folks, just figure a more enjoyable atomosphere may be had with people of a similar age group. Stop by and drop a message.

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There Already is a Kik Group

There Already is a Kik Group chat 

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