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Delaware Spa Party

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Is anyone going to the final Delaware Spa Party this Saturday? It would be my first, and I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what to expect. I am a single guy in my mid-20s and this would be my first foray into the wonderful world of social nudity.

Delaware Spa Party

Do any attendees have any reports of how the party went?  We were going to be first time attending, but could not make it after all.  Any reports or descriptions of how these are run would be welcome, both positive and negative.

Would you be interested in

Would you be interested in going together on Saturday?

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Final DSP?

Are you saying this Saturday is the final DSP as in last-ever?

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Not the last ever, just until

Not the last ever, just until Fall/Winter

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OK, Great

OK, great. I got a little worried because I'm hoping to go to my first DSP this summer. There's just not enough of these kind of gatherings.

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Cold only

DSP only runs in the months were it's too cold to be naked outside. Come party at Gunnison

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OK, didn't know

Thanks for clarifying that. I thought they had one a month all year long. That's unfortunate. Hopefully they have one in May and I can get there. If not, maybe next winter.

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I think tonight is the last

I think tonight is the last scheduled one for the season. They have TBD up after April 22nd on their website. But there are other parties during the summer. You can dance and socialize at Gunny and places like Sunny Rest have dances Fridays and Saturday nights

Parking lot full

Actually drove by there around 11 pm. Lot looked pretty full!

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I will try it out tonight.

It is a rainy night hear in Philly. 1:02 drive. 

Why not give it a try. That's how I started going to a nude beech on Sandy Hook.

Fun naked times. Michael

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