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disable images!

Since some guys are disrepectful, in Safari I'm turning on Develop > Disable Images when I come to this site.  

Unfortunately this is necessary.  

Using the adblocker extension

Using the adblocker extension in Chrome, I've filtered out two URLs, which accomplishes this.

Personally, I kind of enjoy

Personally, I kind of enjoy seeing the reaction to being topless...havent done more than that but I thought being a nudist was appreciarung different body types in the "natural" form

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I don't mind

I love showing off. Esp at Gunnison


My concern is the dick pics

My concern is the dick pics which some guys feel they are entitled to post.  The obsession with doing that isn't natural or normal. 

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Your "concern" about what's "normal" or "natural"? That's very good; why don't we all rely on your assessments of what's healthy? Frankly, you appear obsessed with this topic, and that may not be very healthy either.

Also, you've made no objections to the Pussy Wars and the Tit Wars that we've seen here. Do they meet your standards of mental health? I'll be so glad if they do, given my enjoyment of them.

If Lifeguard, the administrator, is too taken with real-life matters to attend to this website with the regularity you so desire, perhaps you should contact him directly with your complaints, and free these boards of whining.

Well Put

Expecting Dave to block or remove all pictures is counter to what the beach and this site are about.  However, having the option to temporarily disable images I could see being very useful.  It would be nice to be able to check private messages or see what the latest topics are while at work or in a public setting and not have to worry about what pictures will flash across a screen.


Also, you complain about men posting pictures of their bodies but then you ask creepy questions like, "are those real?," to a woman...? Seems like you are concerned with all the male pictures because you are insecure in your sexuality or your masculinity...? But again that's something better addressed in private....

PS mine are real... lol, if

PS mine are real... lol, if we are taking a poll

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It's very clear that those puppies are real!! ????????

Is that bad?

Is that bad?

On the contrary:) Good would

On the contrary:)
Good would be an understatement....

So glad that they are being

So glad that they are being enjoyed Wink

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they are greatly enjoyed ...

they are greatly enjoyed ... so sexy .. natural is the best.  Thanks for posting them!!

They surely are! Immensely;)

They surely are! Immensely;)

(No subject)

Wink Love

Right back at u;)

Right back at u;)

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Of course not! Lol

Of course that's not a bad thing. Natural is the way to be! And wear natural very well. ????
PS: I tried to message you DD but it wouldn't go through for some reason. Feel free to message me on here if you like.

Real and natural?!

Real and natural?! Lolol

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Different body types welcome.

I saw a women with a full brest removel. She was fully naked. Thought that is the spirit. 

Fun naked times. Michael

That is the spirit....good

That is the spirit....good for her

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Oh Golly Gee

This post is even more amusing than the Dick Wars.

I handle this the same way as

I handle this the same way as I handle people who know I'm a nudist.  If you don't want to see, don't look.  My profile pic is full body, standing by the sign. That's me, nothing more, nothing less. My body has suited me well for 68 years so I guess I'm stuck with it, even though it's probably not the one I would have picked if I would have had a  Being a male, I don't mind the tit and pussy shots and the dick pics I just skip over. Then again, there's not much that I let bother me. Just let me have the sun, the waves and the warm, along with a good book, and I'm a happy camper.



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