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Where is Sandman?

Where has Sandman been?

Here is Sandman

Hey gang.  The rumors are true.  I moved to Florida.  I know!  I still can't believe it.  Nice down here, but really missing my Gunnison friends, and Gunnison!

I have not been checking this site as often lately but I am still here.  And I will be with you in spirit on the beach. 

I hope everyone has a great season!  Drink a beer for me.

Are you near Haulover?

hope you're happy in your new home and you are able to frequent Haulover.

Yes and no

Happy but not real close to Haulover.  FL is a big state.  

This country needs more nude beaches!


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You are missed that is for

You are missed that is for sure.  Great hearing from you

Lifeguard (On Virtual Beach Only)AKA Dave(The Guy who built/hosts/runs the site)


Thanks, Lifeguard!   I am totally missing my Gunny friends. 

I will be back.  Not sure when.  Maybe my company will have a meeting in the NY/NJ area that they will fly me in for.  Ideally they would hold the meeting on the beach at Gunnison.  But I would settle for anywhere within driving distance.


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Glad you're doing well

Good to hear from you're info and friendly level headedness (is that a word?) has been missed.  Stop in from time to time I'm sure others would love to hear from you. We'll fly a kite in your honor.

You're missed

Hope the move was for a good reason- thought you'd NEVER stop going to Gunni.  It was probably a tough decision.  Wish you well and you are well missed.


Thanks!   Yeah, it was for good reasons.  Had about 50 good compelling reasons to make the move, and on the other hand... Gunnison.   So naturally I decided to stay! 

Well... at some point I realized I needed to do the right thing.  I REALLY miss Gunny though.


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Great to here from you.Hope things are well.Did the KITE make it to Fla. ?


Ha.. yes!   I brought the kite.    But not as much fun flying a kite while fully clothed.  Of course I could say that about anything. 

Now I wonder how I will get that cool shot you guys make.  I can't recall what it was called, but it was good.   One more reason for a return trip to Gunnison.


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that shot

It's called a SWEET TART, tastes like the candy.

Sweet tart

That's it!!    Good stuff.



Unfortunately, Sandman has moved to Florida. I have communicate with him a few times. He misses Gunny but an opportunity arrived that he had to follow. I have been trying to get him to take a vacation in NJ so he could be at the Gunny and meet up with the many people that knew him and respected him. He was a regular at the beach for many years and was the voice of knowledge and reason about Gunny.

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Yep he is sorely missed.

Yep he is sorely missed.

Lifeguard (On Virtual Beach Only)AKA Dave(The Guy who built/hosts/runs the site)

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Yes! Agreed! We wish him well

Yes! Agreed! We wish him well


I was wondering too why he wasn't around.  Very nice guy with helpful suggestions.  I hope he's near Haulover or one of the other clothing optional beaches in the state.

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Sad to say ...

Work took him out of the area.  Haven't noticed him here since then ...

Cool   IRIE

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