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Average Age?

Hey all! I'm a 27 year old male from Monmouth County and I've been interested in going to Gunnison for a while. I've never been before partly because of nerves and partly because I don't know much about the crowd there or if there are others my age. I certainly expect there to be a wide variety of ages and body types but I was curious if there were any other late 20's or early 30's attendees? Any help is appreciated!

It varies

There are all ages at Gunny and It's not easy to give you an average.  It seems to skew a bit younger on the Friday and weekends but I can tell you there are plenty of 20-30 somethings who visit.  Some days are more than others.  If you decide to vist, make sure you smile and say hello to others.  That makes it alot easier to meet other nudists and start conversation.  

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