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The Long Walk

  • We haven't been to Gunnison Beach for several years because of the dreaded walk from the parking lot to the water's edge. I have heard that they installed a boardwalk from the parking lot most of the way down the beach. Can anyone confirm this for me please. Thank youCool
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There used to be ...

Before Sandy, there was a boardwalk leading out on to the sand.  That was destroyed by the storm and not replaced.  

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Boardwalk? I haven't been

Boardwalk? I haven't been there for 2 yrs but last I knew there were nylon mats with perforations that were located only on the sand.

Its maybe a half to where

Its maybe a half to where people set up but i think they add to it as people donate enough money to get more sections

Thanks for the info. I think

Thanks for the info. I think I will try it again now. 

The boardwalk they are

The boardwalk they are referring to,is from the side of the parking lot,till the entrance.....a short but nice little walk.
From the entrance,there is a nice amount of Mobi mats that make it a breeze to walk on,but they only reach till where there's a splint in the path,just before the sign on clothing optional. Huge help but still not the easiest walk

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