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First time experience

Hello all.  I a 30 year old male from south jersey.  I went for my first time in may when it was really hot.  I must say it was one of the best days of my life.  I met two beautiful women and hung out with them.  I was so nervous to be there at first. I went alone for my first naked naked experience.  I can't wait to go back.  I did have an erection problem. I am sorry. I could not help myself.  With the air hitting the region for the first time it was impossible not too get one.  Anyway I hope I didn't offend anyone with that.  I can't wait to go again. People are so out going and friendly. I never been to a beach with people so willing to meet each other.  I recommend this for everyone.  

We're Only Human

The erection thing isn't realy a problem. We all get them and you won't get kicked off the beach for sporting wood. Just don't use it as an assault weapon, in fact just don't do anything with it. It won't last long and you might even get a few smiles from the ladies.

The man is right.  Just don't

The man is right.  Just don't do anything with it.  I told the ladies I met I was very sorry for getting an erection and they didn't care at all.  I was even dripping all over at some points. It's normal especially when you see naked hot women.  I am healthy man and can't help it.  I even rub one out in the morning and the night before to try to avoid the erection but it didn't help.  

Were you having a

Were you having a conversation with the women before or after you experienced an erection?

When I introduced myself I

When I introduced myself I had pretty much a 90 percent full on erection.  I'm not very big so my erections grow very quickly. They didn't mind though. I just tried to think of other thing besides how beautiful there girls where

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Glad to hear you enjoyed

Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself. I have never been socially nude myself, and one of my hang ups is the erection problem you had mentioned. At least I know it's not just me. Any advice on how to handle it if that happens?

I would just sit down and try

I would just sit down and try to cover myself with my shirt if it got hard.  I would wait till my guy in soft and pointed down before I remove my shirt.  That's one little trick. It's hard when your cicumsized not to get erections thiugh. The head is exposed to so much air and wind and it's sensitive.  Us cut guys will struggle more 

Hey bassplayer. Great to hear

Hey bassplayer.

Great to hear you enjoyed your first trip to Gunnison. I first went there two years ago with my girlfriend. Last year I went twice solo. I discovered that the water in June is a little too cold for me and prefer to wait a little bit before I make my first summer visit. There is nothing like going to Gunnison when the area that is cordoned off for the nesting season is finally made available. There is nothing like the feeling of freedom walking that incredibly long stretch of beach completely naked with the beautiful ocean along sides you. I've noticed a number of very beautiful women on the beach but have never had an issue with erections. As long as the two beautiful ladies you were with didn't mind... Wink


Well done. And lucky u that u met 2 woman the first time u went:)

Thank you very much. I hope

Thank you very much. I hope next time I go back I can meet more women. I can't help the erection thing.  The air feels to nice when it hits it.  Women are too beautiful so I hardly care anymore I don't flaunt it.  I just aCT like nothing happens.  So many beautiful bodies at gunnison.  I see beauty in everyone. I hope to be back soon and meet some more people

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It's exciting to see a guy erect when he is near me


Well that's good.  Glad to

Well that's good.  Glad to hear some women understand and enjoy it. I am sure you will see me one day lol

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