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Newbies 2017

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Hi everyone!! Tongue


My boyfriend and I just recently started going to Gunnison and have really enjoyed our time there. I was just wondering if there was a particular section of the beach where we may be able to meet some women in the 30-40 age range? We thought it may be fun to mingle with some girls that are close in age.




Fist Timer Tomorrow - Wednesday, June 21, 2017

I am a fit 30 year old male, have gone to Nude Beaches in Europe before (I am European), but this will be my first time in the USA. I am going alone, because I have friends and co-workers here, but would not dare invite them or tell them about my 'hobby' - I am 6'1, fit/good looking, brown hair/blue eyes. Would like to meet some new people - couples (around my age 20 - 40 years old) or single women Smile Weather is looking good for tomorrow. 

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Thank you!!!

Thank you everyone for the comments and compliments!! I must commend my phone camera for taking such a professional picture of my boobs. Hahaha. They are real and mine, sorry to disappoint.

Yes, we have been twice this year and just trying to figure out the lay of land etc.

Enjoy the cloudy day!!

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We're in that group of the

We're in that group of the Giants flag...come say hello. We bounce between our towels and the Giants group.


Married couple looking for sexy beach company.

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I know you two.. see u

I know you two.. see u tommorow ????????????????

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Single woman section

If you've been going to Gunnison recently , you'll know that there's no such section for single females. You need to go to a club for that!!

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Lol :bigsmile:

Go to club Tinder lol


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Thanks - just wondering

OK, lets rephase the Q, where do most of the ladies congregate? 

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You have super nice and sexy boobs btw. Tongue


The troll who posted here

The troll who posted here stole the photo. 

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You saying Juluie is most likely a guy and stole a pic to use here?

claims to have been to

  • claims to have been to Gunnison, which can be surveyed in 5 minutes, but asks about a section...
  • which just happens to coincide with guys' fantasies 
  • id photo looks professional  
  • hasn't disputed my posts questioning the "couple's" authenticity 

I'll go out on a limb here.  The person who posted it does not have boobs and has no close friends who have boobs. 

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I agree with you as to the fake.. if they have been there, then they certainly would know that everyone is mingled together. And I believe I've seen that pic before

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look for the area with the

look for the area with the pole with many flags.. seems like the funnest area of the beach!!!

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lady's congregate by Giants

Look for there flag. It is the same place as the pole with meny flags. There a picture of the pole flag in 2017 pictures section Party.


Fun naked times. Michael

If there was a spot where

If there was a spot where naked open-minded single ladies congregated, the parking lot would be full by 7:30AM on good days.  

This original post sounds as if it was written by a single guy who has never been to Gunnison.  

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My husband and I are going

My husband and I are going Saturday morning. I am 41 and he is 32. You are more than welcome to come hang with us! We will most likely set up camp near the water about 10 feet or so to the right of the "clothed" section. 

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My wife will be there next

My wife will be there next Friday and Saturday June 23/24as long as the weather is ok, but I'll be with her. We try to set up closer to the water somewhere in the area of the Giants flag. Normally just to the left of them if you are looking at the water. 

That section is in the

That section is in the imagination of the single guys who go to Gunnison! 

Not all single guys

Not all single guys go to Gunnison to talk to or meet women. Although one would hope that the clothed men who come there as spectators would not loiter or sit in the nude section of the beach.

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Single guys

Agreed... Im an under 30, single staight male. I frequently visit, usually alone, and I come for the love of the beach and the exhilarating freedom nudity has to offer.. While it's nice to chat and mingle with other nude males and females I think its a huge misconception that young single men who visit are gawkers or have their minds in the gutters.. I was raised to accept nudity and that all our bodies are different and beautiful in their own ways.. And thats what makes Gunny a beautiful, enjoyable place.

Thats all (:

I hope to get out there Monday!

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