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This weekend or next

Well greetings there fellow debaucherists.  Of course, I say with the highest implication of endearment.  All kidding aside, I have been meaning to visit a nude beach for some time now and I am invariably getting to the point of "fuck it" and do what I want without procrastination or excuses.  I'm a 28 y/o male looking to meet up with a female to lounge about on the beach for a day in my full glory.  All I do is think and crack jokes, so if you're up for some cheeky conversation and someone to hit the beach with drop me a line here.  While I normally am perfectly content with traveling alone I feel as though this is a place where I may want to have some company.


Offer: Silly ass conversation with a mildly clever individual, that's not too bad to look at.

What I get: I just want to be naked on a beach.

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