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Just throwing out a quick survey. I was wondering the other day if it is harder or more intimidating for men or women to get naked on the beach? First timers input would be the most interesting. After you are inititated, there is no problem getting the clothes off.


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It wasn't hard for me

Being that I'm a natural exhibitionist and like to be naked, the first time I went to Gunnison I was so excited and absolutely couldn't wait to get naked. Maybe some people might feel awkward, but the atmosphere and the people are so nice that any new person is welcomed and treated with respect. Nobody judges anybody and everyone is just having a great time.


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I'm female and did not feel

I'm female and did not feel intimidated at all when I went this past Sun, but I can understand how some people (men or women) might. Different factors come into play such as self confidence, or inhibitions in general.

I think the ratio at Gunny

I think the ratio at Gunny answers that question.

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