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Has anyone ever played it there? I always see groups but I've never participated. If you guys want to get a game going, let me know (I'm pretty tall too, so I'll help you win haha)

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Playing Volleyball

I play volleyball every time I go to Gunnison. This year there is only one court set up in the past there have been two way back when three. Saturdays and Sundays a regular group of pretty good volleyball players show up and dominate the court from about 11 o’clock to 2 o’clock. You really have to know how to play, no backyard barbecue playing during that time. Later in the afternoon it is more informal and almost anybody can play. That also goes for most weekdays where they are looking for anybody to play. If you do try to play on Saturday or Sunday they will likely ask if you know I to play and probably even ask you to bump around to show how much you know before they will that you want the court.

I'm not tall but I'd

I'm not tall but I'd play...depending on how many beers I had I might even think I was

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Ahhhh....the magical properties of beer!  It makes us all better looking too! Cool

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Amen, beer has amazing power

Amen, beer has amazing power

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