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Thinking of moving galleries to Flickr. What do you think.

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Rather than whine and bray

Rather than whine and bray about "pornography," and attempting to bend the contents of this website by the force of one's will, I once again Or don't some of us believe in democracy?

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whineing and braying

I was simply commenting. The votes have been cast and apparently the majority want the status quo.

Sorry; I Didn't Mean You

I didn't mean that you were the party that was whining and braying; I apologize if it sounded that way. Observations should be encouraged and welcomed, and there have been many excellent points made in these forums in regard to this topic. But there's a brand of disagreement that I've heard around here that sounds insistent and demanding, as if this website belongs to an individual user, and the rest be damned. I don't care whether the pictures stay or go; but I do care how the decision is ultimately made. A majority vote and the site administrator's final decision should be the only factors involved in properly settling this matter.

Again, my apologies to you.

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I have been going to Gunnison for decades and I am by no means a prude, but recently some of the pictures posted and even more of the comments being made have less to do with Gunnison than they have to do with eroticism and titillation. There have been comment in favor of and opposed to some of the picutres and comments. I don't know why anyone would be opposed to posting the pictures and comments on Flickr or creating a new site just for the pictures and available for viewing only by members. It seems to me that should satisfy everyone involved in the debate. Either way, I enjoy the pictures and would not want to see them totally banned or see the website and or Gunnison Beach itself impacted by those who dont not like the idea of a nude beach in NJ.

The Democratic Way

This is one method of making known one's satisfaction or dissatisfaction. The other is to contact the website administrator.

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My two cents ..

Have not wanted to get into this back and forth regarding some of the pictures being posted on this site.  With that being said .. here is my two cents ..

My concern all along has been how this beach is perceived by others; especially those that don't go and those that have not been but want to.  As we all know, many equate a nude beach with swingers and lifestylers and sex.  I know that first hand as a result of the conversation I had with my ex-wife when she finally heard where I spend my beach time.  And for the most part, I feel it is their loss thinking that way because they may never allow themselves to experience the freedom and the fun of spending a day at Gunnison. 

Now for how that relates (in my mind) to pictures posted on this site.  I have all along questioned (again in my mind) some members' choice for a profile picture. Have also questioned some of the "From Home" pictures.  And maybe some of what I have thought has been a result of the fact that I am heterosexual and don't necessarily need to see a picture of an erect penis (especially not my own).  But that's just me and I can avoid the pictures if I want to.  But what about first-timers visiting this site?  They are hoping to get a feel for what the beach is all about.  They visit the galleries and see close-ups of both male and female genitalia.  And most of the pictures of male members are while they are "standing at attention".  Hmmmmm .. is this what I have to look forward to at the beach??  Hell, one member posted pictures of himself having sex with a woman he met on the beach!  Not sure that is giving a "Gunnison Beach virgin" the right first impression.  Just my opinion.  And even the comment that if you don't want to see them .. don't look at them doesn't quite cut it in this situation.  The first timer has no idea what is waiting for them in the galleries.  Plus, the first page they see when they visit this site has the "Latest Image" thumbnail.  And how about someone visiting the site for the purpose of gathering ammunition to support the argument that this beach should NOT exist??  Sex on the beach is just what we all want them to see eh??

Guess it boils down to this.  I really could care less what types of pictures everyone wants to share.  I just want everyone to think about whether those pictures are an accurate representation of the beach and the community that enjoys it.  One suggestion I would make is that the "Latest Image" feature be removed from the front page of the site.  At least let someone have to explore a bit to find it Wink

Thanks for "listening" ..

Cool   IRIE

My two cents....

Well Said! I agree 100%! I've cut back on my log on time here drastically because porn shots are not my definition of Gunny. First time viewers are certainly getting the wrong impression about Gunny no doubt. 

I agree with 100%

I agree with 100%

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All valid points and comments!!

As I said .. was just offering my two cents.  Have questioned from its inception the "Photos from Home" gallery and its purpose here on a Gunnison Beach site .. but that is just personal opinion and preference.  To each his own ..

This is a perfect example of what happens to many sites over time.  They change and evolve as the audience/membership changes.  Its natural.  Personally, I don't participate as much as in the past for a number of reasons; most unrelated to this site.  I have enjoyed meeting some from this site and will most likely enjoy meeting more in coming years.  All is good in the world!!

Cool   IRIE

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much appreciated

Really all of our opinions amount to our individual two cents. I just appreciate when folks can exchange ideas as just that; adults. You really expressed some valid points. Since many want to protect what we have at gunnison, I used a portion of my reply to address yours and other concerns about the website hijinks being used as a tool to close gunnison. We too have met some really good people in the beach and on the site and look forward to next season (ugh I think this season is done) . Thanks again for expressing your views. Maybe me and my hubby will meet you next season. Take care

Some say my lips are big..... so true. Lol

So what IS Gunnison all about?

I agree that it's wise to ask ourselves if this site presents a reasonably accurate picture of what Gunnison is all about--but what is Gunnison all about? Numerous times in these posts I've written that this website is a website and not the beach, that what people do here anonymously bears only faint relationship to Gunnison proper. I still believe that, although in its way, this site is indeed a microcosm of Gunnison--only better, because this site is (so far) free of drugs, alcohol, smoking, and littering, four characteristics deeply wedded to this beach. Now I drink myself, and whatever people want to take into their bodies is swell with me as long as they're not doing surgery on one of my loved ones, but I genuinely think that drugs and drunkeness are going to hurt the real beach far more than any hardcore pictures that might be posted here on the web beach. Granted, the hardcore on this site might not look good to a first-timer, and open sex on the beach, as we've always said, will do it absolutely no good, but drug use and drunken behavior will be even worse--and there's none of that here.

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Thanks for waiting...

SUNBUM47 Disclaimer : Tried to make this one short but failed 
Hi, I’m back. Before I begin my reply to you, I have to address a silly, childish attempt to perhaps harass me last night. I received three private messages from a sad, unfortunate individual who felt he or she would try to insult me with sophomoric comments. “ Does your wife know you are acting like a perv on the site/” “It’s not nice to flirt with another person’s wife.” And I do not recall the third. The comments were silly on many fronts but the most comical/silly, is who the attack was directed to.
Those who actually read the post and view the photos we post, are aware that I, the female partner in a long-term marriage (21 years) I am the one who selects, posts and corresponds to the comments posted to us. I guess it is hard for some to imagine that a strong professional, career woman, would elect to have adult fun, with the knowledge of her husband, on this site. I really battled with even acknowledging the silly attempt at, whatever the member was trying to do. I just wanted others to know that in contrast to the adult exchanges that have taken place, child-like antics continue.
Ok, done and onto following up with your post. I concede that someone new to the site may see conflicting views. Conflict and opposing viewpoints are a part of life, but with the exception of the sex photo, allegedly shot at Gunnison, the vast majority of photos in the season galleries are fun depictions of days at the beach. With respect to profile photos of erect penises, I have seen them before and they are as inconsequential to me as profile photos of close ups of erect nipples. Whether heterosexual or not, some will find the photos as fun, silly, inappropriate or as I see them, as no consequence. I am only addressing sexual orientation because you identified yourself as heterosexual. We enjoy the site because we were lucky enough to become aware of it. As terrific as the site may be, the number of members on the site pales in comparison to the number of folks who visit Gunnison. Because of that, the impact on the beach if any is minimal. We really need to keep this in mind as we continue to worry about people using site content to close the beach. This leads me to another part of your post “ ammunition to close the beach.”
Whether we chose to participate in the home gallery or not, I imagine, we all want to protect the wonder that is Gunnison beach. We are all aware that Gunnison is situated on federal property, which is likely why the beach still exists. As for ammunition, we have to separate anecdotal comments about sex acts talked about on the site from the reality of beach behavior. We also have to realize that those who think we are sex crazed hippies (ok, I may be dating myself) will likely never change their view. I for one do not care what others ‘think’. The ranger service, like all law enforcement agencies, maintains empirical records of criminal activity on the beach. The information is published each year, as part of the US Uniform Crime Report. Additionally, the data is used to determine trends in beach behavior and forecast. No matter what others may think, fear, suggest, whisper, the fact is that Gunnison has had no substantial increase in sex related criminal incidents. Unfortunately, drug and alcohol incidents seem to be trending higher.
The food for thought you causes is related to the lastest image. Although it is a small thumbnail and located at the bottom of the site ( I was unaware of its existence for some time). Perhaps, some accommodation can be made to cause one to click on the destination latest photo to see the photos.
UGH. I tried to make this one short too but…… SORRY

Proudly female and free

Some say my lips are big..... so true. Lol

Let's hear it for the hippies

Let's hear it for the sex-crazed, mind altered days of the 60's and 70's.....from what I can remember of them anyway!!  Ahhhm nostalgia!!   Thanks for the "flash-back"   I needed that!!

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history channel

I only know about hippies from what I read in history books and on history channel. Way too young for firsthand knowledge. Lol

Some say my lips are big..... so true. Lol

Just as well

As they say,  If you can remember the 60's (and 70's) then you didn't experience them!!.....Or so I hear mind you!!

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While I cannot fully agree

While I cannot fully agree with everything you have stated, I truly appreciate the way you presented Your thoughts here. I apologize for being unable to respond fully At this moment But I really wanted to acknowledge What you posted And the fact that it gave me additional food for thought. Unfortunately other obligations prohibit They were the response at this time, However; 1 is forthcoming. Thanks again for not only what you said but more importantly how you said it. From one Gunnison lover to another.

Some say my lips are big..... so true. Lol

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additional thoughts. Long but worth reading. sorry for length

I made my opinion known when the issue of what some characterized as inappropriate photos in the home gallery surfaced. Most members were able to respectfully air their opposing points of view, without attempting to label and in some cases demonize the photos and comments posted by members of the Gunnison webpage. This speaks volumes to the vast majority of the member and should be applauded. The web administrator should also be lauded for a measured and responsible response to the emerging controversy.
I have stood on the sidelines reading responses and looking at the poll results to-date. One of the frequent concerns expressed about the site relates to porn or being labeled a porn site. Pornography has a statutory definition, that is ambiguous at best and basted on the US Supreme court case: ROTH V. UNITED STATES, 354 U.S. 476, 77 S. Ct. 1304, 1 L. Ed. 2d 1498, stated that obscenity which says in part; "whether to the average person, applying contemporary community standards, the dominant theme of the material taken as a whole appeals to a prurient [lewd or lustful] interest." The Roth test proved difficult to use because every term in it eluded a conclusive definition. So, while many have labeled the photos as porn, the definition is so convoluted, that short of penetration or other actual sex acts posted, the site will not officially be branded a porn site. Setting the legalese aside, I think a simple solution exists that does not impose any one will on any of the users and allows the site to remain as is so we can co-exist as traditional nudist and neo-nudists.
Since many have posted their home shots, a community exists for sharing these photos is a safe forum ( the Gunnison webpage provides that security) and an outlet to freely exchange photos and comments. This leaves several more traditional galleries for those who hold onto traditional nudist ideals. If those who do not chose to view the content in the home gallery, do not visit the home gallery, the problem is solved. However; If one choses to impose personal will or ideas on others conflict exists.
My suggestion to the web administrator is to end the poll, review the trend of the results and leave the site as it is. As a contributor to the home page, I am seeking a means to appease both camp without imposing my will or the will of others on anyone. This seems to be a simple problem with a simple solution if people are reasonable.

Some say my lips are big..... so true. Lol


Sunbum's last word sum's up his leglase best.  Reasonable.  This is the standard of our entire juriprudence system.  One's actions need not be perfect, only reasonable.  That is a good standard here.  Personally, over the past few days I've been trying to come up wiht a response similar to Sunbum, but in a shorter, (Oh how appropriate....sorry couldn't resist), fashion.   The jist of my comment was "self-restraint and open peer comments.   If something goes too far, don't be afraid to let feelings be known, (in a respectful fashion of course).   I personally much prefer this over ANY kind of censorship.  I do not view peer comment as censorship in any way, shape or form.   One thing I can say about this site is how refreshing it is to view the opinions and logic in well though out, well written formats. 

My personal thanks to all that have contributed to this discussion and to Lifeguard for providing the forum!!

I agree

Very well stated .....I agree completely. Thank you for posting Smile



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we enjoy all the photos on

we enjoy all the photos on here, but can understand that orthers may not, if someone wants to post porn type photos, plenty of others sites to do that, I assure you nothing on here so far is what we would call porn compared to other social sites we know...

There are a couple of wild pictures

There are a couple of shots in the image galleries that would certainly be considered over the line by some (or "evil" by some righteous others). I like these pictures but there are a couple of graphic ones--when you reveal your seed in the shot, then I think the picture is pushin' to be in the other category. There's no penetration (yet). But there's seed and a couple of noticeably moist pussies. That's pretty personal. I don't mind it, but it's pretty personal.

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Well that may be the problem,

Well that may be the problem, by most "righteous" people think all nudity is "evil". The "righteous" people should not even be on a nude beach or this site start with. These same people with think the two of was "evil" for being witches as well. They holding other to their standers of behavior and not others. After all the photos are of naked bodies, not sex acts.


I guess there's going to be a moratorium on the fun pictures until all the votes are in. I want to hear what the candidates have to say about this. Jim Lehrer never asked.


LOL Smile


Shouldn't people be given the

Shouldn't people be given the option of voting to keep the site the way it is?  Do i necessarily have to vote that i like the pictures onsite?  No, I don't mind them and if they ever were to bother me i can choose not to look.  Quite frankly, the website can be kind of monotonous with some of the questions that people ask such as "it's my first time at gunny...what do i bring?" or "omg....what do i do if i have an errection at the beach?"  Don't get me wrong...these questions definately belong here, but the pictures have lately spurred on some good conversation and debate.

My husband and I have been going to gunny for 3 seasons now and we love it.  We discovered the website about the same time and we've met some really nice people through this site .  There's a variety of people who go to gunnison and the website should be a place for everybody to comment, ask questions and by all means post pics.

Stay naked:)

Theresa and Steve    

The problem with Flickr is

The problem with Flickr is that if you post some of the photos that are currently in the Gallery (i.e. the genital close ups) and you leave them open to the general public you run the chance of losing your Flickr account. Been there. And if you restrict them to friends and family then you ha e to maintain a friends and family list.

I was wondering about that

I was wondering about that. I've seen some explicit close-ups on Flickr recently, then didn't see them again, or the poster.

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Best for the Site

In the end, do what you need to do to keep this site going.

Keep them here

I know you don't want to risk losing users, but I would suggest not being influenced by a minority. We'll see how your poll plays out.

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Added another option

Seperate site.  Peel them off the main discussion site and make an image site (Single logon still).

I think I can do it without an issue.

Lifeguard (On Virtual Beach Only)AKA Dave(The Guy who built/hosts/runs the site)

Separate site

I voted to keep site the same before reading your comment but I think as you say to "peel off" to a separate site that would make it easier for you ( and I do appreciate the effort you have to go to to run this site) would be th

e best option. Thanks for creating this site!

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Just trying making it easier

Just trying making it easier for me to host and not have to worry about getting labeled as an Porn site.

I am open for comments.


Lifeguard (On Virtual Beach Only)AKA Dave(The Guy who built/hosts/runs the site)

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if you do, let us know, we

if you do, let us know, we would remove our pics...


Pleeezzeee  don't do that!!

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I would never move anything

I would never move anything without poeple knowing.


No worries.


I had an issue with one host over adult images and had to change hosts, but if I can offload them to Flickr where we get them on site but not actually hosting them on the server it makes life a little easier and cheaper for me.



Lifeguard (On Virtual Beach Only)AKA Dave(The Guy who built/hosts/runs the site)

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Yeah let us know

Moving to flicker puts them on yahoo's server and not contained on your server. Flicker and yahoo have been known for hacking and puts them on a more public server rather then your own private one. My day job is web development. . Stay private and keep them here. I agree with above comment , let the majority make your decision.

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Remove the porn pics. Someone has to censer the pics or someone out sit will call this sit porn.

Marc & Susan

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please leave the site as it is

Short precise and to the point: leave it as it is please

Some say my lips are big..... so true. Lol

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