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I made it back to GBNJ in 2013

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Monday Aug 5

Wink Trying to head out Monday as it's my day off.. anyone else going to be there from the group? In past Ive gone alone, and left early only because some guy made me feel uncomfortable...

I dont have my blanket friend/beach partner anymore  Sad  Oh well.. maybe I'll find a new one.. who is also a decent man.. not some piglet on the prowel  Laughing out loud

Depending on how much sleep I

It's good to break out of one's shell every once in a while. I'm always afraid I look like a creeper since I'm always alone. I've had one friend bail on me 4 times and other friends who want to go but we can never coordinate our schedules.

Depending on how much sleep I get tomorrow night, and the price of gas, I may be going on Monday as well.

I'll be the one with the orange and white striped towel and aqua blue?, cyan?, seafoam green? chair. Fell free to say hi for a few minutes.

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Thanks But ...

I'm lucky if I get myself down there. Then to walk around look for people & say hello? Omg I'm just way to shy. lol
Thank you though... If I do go, my nose will be buried in a book or into the skies meditating ... SD


I hope you don't end up being discouraged away from Gunny.  Most of us guys are not like that.   Unfortunately it takes only one dope to ruin someone's day.

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To Sandman

I try not to let it, however the first time I came back in Three years was last week. I had knee surgery wich kept me away 1 summer, but the other 2 years... From being harassed.
I would never get up and go talk to anyone, I am that shy. Last week my friend I went with just had me at ease. Our conversations, etc. But it doesn't look like he will be available anytime soon due to his own life's personal matters.
For me, going with someone just makes it easier.
I'm in need of coffee... What am I doing up so early ha ha have a great day & thanks for writing Smile

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