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Life Is Good And It Shows!!!

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First day of the season for me tomorrow!

Who's heading out tomorrow? I can't wait for my first day this year! Whoo hoo!

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First day of the season for me tomorrow!

Hey all,


I'm so happy to be coming in tomorrow. Who's going to be there?

Young married couple

Hey! Young, married manhattan couple here.  He is 29, she is 28 - looking for others who might be interested in meeting on the beach this summer.

We discovered Gunnison last summer and both really enjoyed it.  But we mainly kept to ourselves the first time, and this year we'd love to find others to hang out with.  Would be great to find other couples our age, but we're open - just looking for chill people to enjoy the day with. 

Would also be great to maybe chat or skype with others ahead of time so we wont be complete strangers when we meet on the beach. Let's us know!


I've never been to Gunnison but am heading there this Saturday for the first time.  I've been to nude beaches a few times and stayed at a nude resort in Mexico this past winter, so I'm no nubie to nudism but am to Gunnison.  What is the decorum on drinking?  Can I bring a cooler with adult beverages or is this a no no?

The water

I don't know about anyone elses feelings, But the the water temps have been pretty fair early on, it's a little cold getting into but you adjust quickly.

Beach Musicians

Hi All:

The past couple of years I have begun to get into playing music on the beach and was motivated by some very talented individuals to lug my gear from the parking lot to the sand.  My specialty is folk music and so I bring guitar and harmonica and some of my own compositions.  I'm one of the only ones I've seen with harmonicas aside from a lovely lady who plays bass and sings with her husband (sorry guys, I misplaced your business card and name on this site but you're awesome!).

Anyway, let me know if there's interest in coordinating with some dates this summer.

Also, FYI Sunny Rest Resort has a fun open mic night every Friday starting at 5pm - I've played there twice so far this year.  Very cool too, but nothing like being at the beach.

Thanks and look forward to catching up soon!


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July 1st visit

Looking ahead to next Saturday, July 1st (going to the SunnyRest Beer Fest this Saturday). If the weather cooperates, I'll be making my first visit of the season!

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Tomorrow 06/22

Hey I'm excited I'm going tomorrow! Let me know who's going to be around!

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July 5th Looking to join a group

Looking at a July 5th visit.  My wife isn't into going around here and  would rather not have to hang out alone... If anyone  plans on going and wouldn't mind some company... let me know...

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Great First Experience

I went to Gunnison via the ferry from manhattan yesterday for the first time and it truly felt like a one day vacation. Great boat ride, and the beach was so nice! Everyone seemed really friendly, though I was too intimidated to talk to anyone. I'm male and went alone (girlfriend plans on coming with me at some point) but since I have many days off that she doesn't I'll be there alone more likely. Of all the nude beaches/parks I've been to, Gunnison has been the best experience. Definitely looking forward to my next visit and hopefully I can branch out of my shell and meet some folks! Happy Beachin'!

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New to the Forum and Gunnison

While I'm tentative and a little skittish about it, I'm going to make the drive and give Gunnison a try in a couple weeks. In fact, it will be my very first time at a nude beach ever. I'm nervous as I'll be a female going solo and worry a little about creeps. But I suppose it's a nude beach and you'll have that. I'm also quite shy and keep to myself a lot, so if you happen to notice a quiet gal hanging by herself on July 1 (most likely with her nose buried in a book), just be nice and be patient with me!  Smile

Going to Gunnison Saturday for the first time

Hi all. I'm heading to Gunnison for the first time this Saturday. Looking forward to a nice day on the beach. I don't mind being alone but wouldn't mind meeting some others. Heading there alone? Wildwood guy.

Solo first timer!

I've always been curious to what a nube beach was like. I went alone to Gunnison my first time wends 6/14/2017. I had a ball. At first I was a bit nervous and did not know what to expect. Then suddendly I looked around and seen almost everyone nude, so I did the same. Slowly I took off piece by piece of clothing until I got down to my boxers, then let it all hang out! Of course you had people trying to look over and see what I was packing (African American husky guy), but so what I am proud and happy in the skin im in. We I felt comfortable enough, I even walked the beach nude to get the full experience, got in the water, checked out some dudes and gals, and felt really in the "here and now". I needed this get away! I plan on visiting again this week either wends 6/21 or thurs 6/22. I will be visiting alone again, and would love some company if anyone is going! I plan on staying all day and bringing refreshments! I am an all around cool, and fun guy and would like some nude fun under the sun!


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SPAM becoming a daily thing...

what is up with all the Spam lately,,  half the stuff you can not even read.  has been poping up daily in the Recent post.

Time to delete some users...


Bob & Annie

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