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Life Is Good And It Shows!!!

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Does anyone know this guy?

Hello Eveyone, I am brand new here, going to Gunny for the first time yesterday(Sun). I am female and was there alone. I was there for about 4 hours and during the last half hour, I was approached by a man who struck up conversation. It was a little hard to hear hom because of the wind bit from what I think I could understand, he referred to himself as god and kept talking about "his son the carpenter." He had a walking stick which he used to braid ankle bracelets on. Has anyone ever met or seen this man? Thanks for any input! -????


Just throwing out a quick survey. I was wondering the other day if it is harder or more intimidating for men or women to get naked on the beach? First timers input would be the most interesting. After you are inititated, there is no problem getting the clothes off.


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Meet up Wednesday June 21

My hub and I are planning on going on Wednesday! Come hang with us!!

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Saturday 6/24

Will be going a few friends this Saturday the 24th, probably around10-11am...would love any extra guests to join our group. Hit me up if you are interested Smile

trying again today, sunday 6/18

pretty blonde w older guy, us flag bandanas on chair/umbrella. stop and say hi

Ocean City, MD

Let's be careful out there, folks !

Can't be sure, of course, but I wouldn't be shocked if alcohol was involved :

June 17 10 am

Well we made it for the first time this year.It's a little cool but finding a place has been,easy hopefully it will warm before to long. 

June 17 10 am

Well we made it for the first time this year.It's a little cool but finding a place has been,easy hopefully it will warm before to long. 

This weekend or next

Well greetings there fellow debaucherists.  Of course, I say with the highest implication of endearment.  All kidding aside, I have been meaning to visit a nude beach for some time now and I am invariably getting to the point of "fuck it" and do what I want without procrastination or excuses.  I'm a 28 y/o male looking to meet up with a female to lounge about on the beach for a day in my full glory.  All I do is think and crack jokes, so if you're up for some cheeky conversation and someone to hit the beach with drop me a line here.  While I normally am perfectly content with traveling alone I feel as though this is a place where I may want to have some company.


Offer: Silly ass conversation with a mildly clever individual, that's not too bad to look at.

What I get: I just want to be naked on a beach.


Me and the wife are going to venture down we will probly set up behind the life guard if your a couple come by and say hello we love meeting new people

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Gunny in the News

As you sit in your clothes reading this magazine on a humid summer day, I’d like to bring your attention to the surprising fact that public nudity is legal in New Jersey. Even über-liberal New York only allows toplessness.

Though prudish local ordinances override our state’s otherwise lax approach to public nudity, there’s one special place where you can let it all hang out: Gunnison Beach at Sandy Hook Gateway National Recreation Area. The peninsula’s naturalist tradition goes back to its days as a military base, when soldiers would strip off their uniforms and skinny dip behind Battery Gunnison.

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Newbies 2017


Hi everyone!! Tongue


My boyfriend and I just recently started going to Gunnison and have really enjoyed our time there. I was just wondering if there was a particular section of the beach where we may be able to meet some women in the 30-40 age range? We thought it may be fun to mingle with some girls that are close in age.




North End

I was at the beach on Monday for the first time in 2 years after being a regular for 25 years prior.  It was great to be back.  I noticed that the whole North end of the beach which was normally the clothed section was filled with naked people and naked people were walking the waters edge all the way down to the end of what was normally the clothed beach.  Is this the new norm?



Tueday was not a bad day at Gunny. It was very warm which brought out a fair number of folks for a tuesday. Taked with Lou who was supply the north section of the beach with good music. Lots of people in the water even though it is only 63-65 degrees. Sure hope the birds finish with their chick raising duties so that the beach can be opened up. Dancing man was present also. I meant to ask him what music he listens to when he dances. A late in the day volleyball game was started around 7 pm and those folks were having a good time. All in all, not a bad day.

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