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Life Is Good And It Shows!!!

stop by and have a drink..... or several with me

hello everyone i've been going to beach G for about 12 years my beach buddy moved out of town so unfortunately i' will probally be going alone this year.

I'm usually there on weekdays wednesday or thursdays is my day off. i look forward to meeeting here and meeting you there.


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How Far From Gunnison Are you?

Direction to Gunnison Beach

Hi everyone... I'm from Toronto.  I will be visiting
Gunnison Beach
in late July... However I'll be coming from NYC... would anyone please help me with the direction? I'll be taking public transit.  Can't find it on the web! Thanks!


July 3

 I have not been to gunnison in about three years.  I miss the beach and the great people you meet.  It is killing me each year that passes. I just have not been able to find the time.  I live about 4 hours south so it is decent drive. I was thinking of going up on July 3 but a little afraid that the park could be jammed for the holiday weekend.  Does anybody has any experiences visiting the beach on the July 4th weekend?  Thanks in advance. 

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Rain Rain Go Away

This weather is killing me.


I wish next week was better in the forecast.  I need a day at the beach.

Hello everyone!

I just joined this group and so far really like what I am reading. I am relatively new to outdoor nudism; been a home nudist for years. I've only been on public beaches a few times, but not up to Gunnison yet (I live in the Delaware area, so it's a bit of a hike).
I did get to go to Cape May a few times when it was c/o. Even got my wife to come once; she didn't take her suit off, but at least she went! Nude beaches aren't for her, but she's comfortable with me going. I hope to get up to Gunnison this summer and experience it for myself (but I've been saying that for several summers!). Regardless I am looking forward to more information on this forum and talking to fellow nudists.

Enjoying Sensual Times on Gunnison

We are 35(f) and 46(m), and just started going to Gunnison (most recently Sunday mid-day). I enjoyed massaging (really masturbating) my wife with some people watching (including a hot couple behind a sunscreen, and hope to do some more in our half-dome tent when we move to the dunes later on our next trip).
We want to start doing some more on the beach, without making asses of ourselves but still enjoying the freedom of the open air, the sun, the beach, and potentially the sensual glances of others (no swapping, just exhibitionism and voyeurism). Any tips on this?  Should we put our half-tent near the dunes?  We noticed mostly couples there, behind windscreens but didn't see much action.  Would they be offended if we enjoyed each other quietly (but open to being seen)?

Going this Friday The 12th (Weather Permitting)

 I normally go 2-3 times a season and I actually have a chance to head out there this Friday as long as the weather holds out. Would love to hang out with a group of people while there and have a few beers and lay out. Not looking for single guys just to sit there with, I would like some couples or a group to hang out with. I plan on heading up in the morning...probably be there around 10-11ish. 

wednesday 6/10

 hi i was wondering if anyone is going down their wednesday?

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Sex On The Beach (Gunnison)

Looking forward to gunnison

this will be the 4th year going to gunnison & hopefully going every week again. We are a couple from atlantic city

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We are growing.

We are over 70 Registered Users now.  Thank you all for registering.


We have several people that have posted in the forums and in the image galleries and some have made comments on others posts.  Thanks to those.


Is there anything any of you would like to have on the site that isn't there already?  A forum topic, a feature?  Let me know or put it in the comments and I will see what I can do.


Also if you have anything like a pol topic or something you want put in a news letter (email) let me know.  I built this so we could all participate.  Thanks.



Lifeguard on the virtual beach.

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Do friends and family know you go to Gunnison? (Besides the ones you go with)

going friday june 5 anyone wanna come

i  am heading out there again friday forecast  is partly cloudy and 70

To the beach tomorrow, 5/30

I'm planning on going down to Gunnison tomorrow.  I usually wear a tan cap with a gold fishhook on the brim and sit in front of the beach snack bar.

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