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Life Is Good And It Shows!!!

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Sunday the 5th

Wife and I are planning one final trip this year on The Sunday of Labor day weekend. But right now it looks a little dicey with the hurricane looming. Hopefully it will pass right by and not erase the entire beach before we get one more trip in.

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South End OPEN for Walking

Does anyone know if they have opened up the south end of the beach for walking.

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What a great weekend !!!

Took a couple days off from work and made a 4 day weekend .. and an absolutely awesome weekend it was!!!  .  Weather was phenomenal!!  Some swells from the storm system way offshore made for some fun surf.  Had a good number of friends visit the Jersey shore for our yearly "reunion".  Good food .. good friends .. good times!!  YaMon!! 

Umbrellas For Rent?

Just wondering if there are any umbrellas for rent at the beach and if so, what is the cost and where can I get one?  I might go early tomorrow and being that the sun is so strong, I might need some shade once in awhile.

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Great day today

Went today with my beautiful wife of 31yrs this week She gave me a surprise by only wearing her cover-up to and from the beach she all ways wears a swim suit most of the time keeps her bottoms on. The beach was crowded but we had a great day got there around 930 to 230 the water was beautiful big waves but not to bad We may not get up there again this yr but we had a great day if we don't get back till next season I will keep reading this site we needed somthing like this for yrs thanks Lifeguard

central NJ

I am 46 and my husband is 51. We live in central NJ. We just started going to Gunnison this year and wonder why it took so long to discover it. We are interested in meeting up with couples in our age range for beach days. We are not swingers, we don't share but are a nice straight man and woman couple who like to have a few cocktails and a good time. If any couples would like to meet up this year please let me know.

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Went yestrday had a GREAT Time.

We went yesterday 8/27. The beach was a little crowded. The Hedonism II resort had some kind of reunion there and they sectioned off a big square of the beach, but they all seemed like a lot of fun, they partied among themselves for the most part. 
The water was beautiful, clean, warm, the waves weren't too rough. The weather wasn't extremely hot but very comfortable. We met a bunch of nice people.
The oddest thing happened at about 6:00 PM the beach got overrun by flying ants, millions of them. They didn't bite or anything but were very annoying. It was like a cloud of bugs. I never saw the beach clear out so quickly. We figured they were just passing through so we waited them out with only a couple of dozen other nuts like us. Sure enough they were gone by about 7:00.  Our reward was watching a huge orange moon rise over the ocean. It was spectacular.
We're going back on Monday 8/30. Can't wait.

looking for younger couple to hang with!

Hey everyone, we are kinda new to gunnison, been about 3 times this summer wish we discovered it earlier( 22m 21f). We are looking for a younger couple around our age to hang out with, have a few beers and what not. Strictly platonic just friends. So if there are any younger couples out there feel free to contact us! :bigsmile: 

Fire Island

If anyone's been to Fire Island I would definitely appreciate tips on how to get to the nude beach there from Manhattan. I heard you're supposed to take the LIRR and then transfer to a ferry but also heard that Fire Island is 16 miles long so I don't want to get lost or left in the woods. Any reviews of the beach are also welcome.

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Pinch Me

The Mrs agreed to a return visit tomorrow ... we even bought a new umbrella. Pinch me I cant believe she said yes   >>>>> GUNNY HERE WE COME!!!!! This will be our second trip.

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National Go Topless Day in Venice Beach
Free your breasts, free your mind! This was just one of many cheesy rallying cries heard in Venice Beach during National Go Topless Day's annual protest against gender discrimination that prevents women from bearing their naked breasts in public. Upon meeting up with the protesters, what at first seemed like a just cause quickly transformed into a joke.
What do you think.  Women should have the same dress code as a man?

Going Tuesday 8/31

I plan to head to Gunnison on Tuesday, 8/31.  It's the only day I know in which I'm pretty free from work and the weather looks good.  Anyone else planning on going?  I'd love to meet up with others to chat.  I had met another couple from here once and they were really nice people.
I plan to come by ferry and take the early boat.  I should be at the beach by 10am at the latest.  I wonder how the beach would be like.  Is it crowded already?

Where to Stay ?

Looking for sugestions on where to stay, We are 46 couple thinking of staying Sat the 28th. Are any couples staying over anywhere??

going 8/30 monday mid 40s cpl

Hi were a cpl in our mid 40s looking to meet other cpls to spend some quality time with at the beach. we've meet some very nice people there we would like to meet some people from this site if possible ,we're going on monday the 30th , also we do bring cocktails with us and we do smoke so if that is not a problem great..........

Walk from North Beach to Gunnison?

We were thinking about hitting both North Beach and Gunnison in one day, does anyone know if it is a reasonable walk between the two beaches (reasonable = less than a half hour)? Also is it a pretty straightforward route or would I have to know the area pretty well to navigate between the two? Thanks.

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