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Life Is Good And It Shows!!!

I was a lot more comfortable than I thought I would be

My first time at Gunnison started out as a trip to one of the clothed beaches at Sandy Hook.  I was going to just hang out at the beach, maybe go for a walk.  As I was driving I saw the signs for Gunnison and figured what the hell?  Give it a try.  I also wondered if I would be perceived as one of the pervs given I was alone.  Then I realized you can't get undressed until you're actually on the beach.  I'm thinking "oh great, everyone's going to watch me undress and it's gonna be like performing a striptease".  Well once I got on the beach, the first thing I realized is that noone cares that you're taking all your clothes off.  Once my shorts came off, I was just another naked guy on the beach.  I went for a walk, and I made a concious effort to keep my eyes from wandering where they shouldn't.  I'm the type of person who says hello to everyone he passes and during my walk I said hello to a couple of women who I guess thought I was trying to pick them up and they didn't respond.  I guess I didn't come across as a perv, though, because about an hour into my stay there, a group of young ladies set up their blankets right next to me.  They even started a conversation.  I must admit that first time it felt a little surreal holding a conversation with members of the opposite sex (and young, attractive ones at that) while both they and I were totally naked.  All in all, it was a great first day at Gunnison, and now I don't think I'd want to go to a beach where I have to keep my shorts on.

A great first time

Myself and two of my girlfriends decided to take off from school and go to the nude beach for the first time. It had been something we have been talking about for some time now. We went on Friday May 23 and the temputure was about 80 and very sunny. We were all excited about stripping in front of other people and wondered what to expect.
As we started walking down the walkway to the sand I started getting butterflies in my stomach. As we started walking toward the water we started seeing our first naked people. It was crazy! both men and women were just walking around completely nude.
So we decided to set up our blanket near the volleyball net. As we get settled we all stripped down to our bathing suits. We all wore thongs. I decided to take my top off first, then my friends followed. We decided to leave our bottoms on even though they revealed almost everything anyway. Soon we all realized and just layed down and got some sun.
Things got more interesting about an hour later when I sat up to get a drink of water. As I looked over I saw a guy that looked to be in his mid 20's had set up about 50 feet from us. He was laying on his back and looked to be sleeping. As I was talking with my friends who were still laying on their backs, I kept checking out our new neighbor. As he was laying on his back sunning, it appeared that his penis was doing the same as it rested on his stomach. But what happened next really surprised me.
As I kept watching him, I noticed that his penis was getting bigger!  As I kept talking with my friends I didn't"t tell them what I was watching. I didn't want them to think I was a perv. But he kept growing until his penis started lifting off his stomach. This guy was getting an erection right on the beach! As I kept watching, his friend soon stood at full attention pointing straight up from his body. He was above average in size too.

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Missed a few spots or The Sun Was Strong

I got burnt:

Back is really bad

So I am staying out of the sun today.

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Went Today 5-21-2009

Here is the report:
Time-- Left my house at 12PM got to beach at 1 PM ( I live by exit 117)
Traffic---15 Minutes getting in.  Back up at the bridge, but not bad.
Parking--75% Full.  I was able to park near the path to the beach entrance.
Beach -- Had a nice crowd.  Wind was a little strong (Some people were cold but I am never cold) Pleanty of nude sun bathers and some people actually swimming.
Sun -- Strong.  Just ask my back.
Bugs -- None.  The wind kept all flies away or is it too early for them?

People -- Men out number women, of course.  Some single women and men but mostly couples.  There were a few large groups 6+ people. No life guards but the snack stand was open.

I stayed for 4 hours, watched some women doing cart wheels and a man try to do a cart wheel.  It was a very nice time.  Might go tomorrow, depending on back and if my kid is not sick (Looks iffy now).
Was anyone else there?

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Going TODAY!!!

Going Solo.
Wife is working, and thanks to the economy I am not.  I will be at the beach and report later.

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Do you go to Gunnison with (Most often)

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Friday -- 75 and Sunny

If I can ditch a doctors appointment I am going.
Anyone else?

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Dam It

Just got Downsized, Laid Off, whatever you want to call it.
Means I have to spend my time looking for a new job and not using vacation days to go to the beach.  I hope to be able to keep site going but I am trimming expsenses.  Ads might bring in some money.
Sorry to vent, Lots going through my mind.

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Happy Friday Anyone Going This Weekend?

Just Checking
If you go let us know Traffic and beach report.

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Welcome and thanks for joining!!!

The site has been live for less than a month and we already have over 25 members signed up.  Thank you!!!!

Just wanted to update you on a few things.


Number one I have set up the Newsletter feature.  I added all current users to the newsletter.  If you want to unsubscribe you can on the site or send me an email and I will drop you from the list.



We have forums!!!!  Click Here to see.

We have one forum for your first time.  We would love to read your story.

We also have an Introduce yourself section and even have a place to post if you are looking for someone to go with you to the beach

WE have several other topics and I am willing to add any you think we need, email me or post in the site discussion forum.


Image Gallery


We have some images already shared on the site.  Thanks to Stanpuppy and to madison69692006  for getting the ball rolling.(You have to log in to see images.  Casual anonymous users see nothing but the posts. to discourage gawkers)

Invite  You can invite people to join the site.  So if you know a beach go-er that you think would be good, that is the place to send the invite from.  Thanks!!!


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More On The Traffic Situation

DOT spokeswoman Erin Phalon said her agency had already worked out a plan to reopen the ramp May 1 in anticipation of summer crowds.

Beginning Friday, all vehicles leaving Sandy Hook will have to go north on Route 36. Southbound traffic will have to use a U-turn via the Bay Avenue ramp in Highlands on weekends. On weekdays, southbound traffic will take the U-turn via the Scenic Drive ramp in Highlands, Phalon said. State and local police will be on hand to help with traffic flow, she said.

The U.S. Coast Guard will limit bridge openings to once an hour instead of twice an hour between noon and 7 p.m. on Saturdays, Sundays and federal holidays from May 15 through Sept. 15, Phalon said. Engineers hope the restrictions alleviate traffic congestion on the busy weekends and holidays.

Still, Feeney, the National Park Service spokesman, advised motorists to avoid the peak period for leaving the park after 2 p.m. State lawmakers last year persuaded the DOT to delay partial demolition of the bridge, which was expected to begin last June, until after the July 4 holiday. The southbound lanes have been demolished, leaving just one lane in each direction.

"The bridge is at 50 percent capacity," he said. "Until the bridge project is complete, people can expect delays both entering and exiting the park."




What has anyone seen?  I was there very pre season before the hot weather.  What are the real conditions like?

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Thanks to all those that have visited and those that have joined.
We are growing quickly and I want to knwo what you think?  What would you like to have, and I'll see if I can do it.
Thanks for your time.
(Vistual Beach Only)

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If You Are Thinking Of Going To Gunnison Beach For The First Time

These are my thoughts:

Beach Etiquette from FOG

Friends of Gunnison BEACH ETIQUETTE



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Added New Forum

Added a place to find someone to go to the beach with.  The New Forum
I will add internal site message system so you can send messages without having to reviel your emails in the forum.
 I have added the personal message module and you can now send email to each other via each other's profile by clicking the contact tab.
I hope it helps. 

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