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Life Is Good And It Shows!!!

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Going to Gunnison on Sat. July 29th with my husband, we are wanting to meet up with some friends for some laughs, drinks & sun!

My husband & I are in our 40's, and we want to meet some new friends to hang out with at the beach. We have been to Gunny a few times and we love it!! We meant a few people, and it always makes it more fun to laugh & get sun with others !!!

We are on KIK Maynarddane


this weekend

Because of family commitments, I was not able to go this weekend. I was very unhappy about that. I was hoping to see some of the folks I met last weekend. But I will be going Tuesday. I prefer to go on weekends because of the larger crowds but any day at this beach is a good day.

Sunglasses - Thank you stranger!

A huge thank you to the kind stranger who apparently found my sunglasses a few weeks ago and returned them to me on Friday 7/21!! Much appreciated!

Wife's first time....

My beautiful wife has finally agreed to come!!  We will be there today 7/23.  Any advice for me to help make it a relaxed enjoyable time for her?  Where should we set up?  Any friendly couples to make it easy?  She's 56, I'm 46, both nice, friendly, normal.



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Sunday, 7/23/17, Finally getting to the beach!

Join us tomorrow, if you can. Flag pole broke, so can't fly our leopard print flag. Look for her leopard print cowgirl hat. 

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Oh Shucks! Closed!

I drove here but Sandy Hook is closed. They said to come back in an hour so I'm just waiting it out for a while in town till 3:00.

Parkling Lot Status

Does anybody know whether or not there are any online resources to check how full the lots are or which lots are closed off at Sandy Hook? It's a 45 minute drive for me to get to Gunnison, and it would be awesome if there were a way for me to know whether or not the Gunnison lot is closed on days that I can't get out early enough due to other commitments. Thanks!

Beach crowd

Just wondering how the crowd is today? I'm working but am tying to get there by 4:30

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Saturday 7/22

Hi, I'm 55 fit, thin, and sober (but have no problem being with drinkers).   I have a giant penis (that's a lie), and I'd like to be surrounded by young beautiful nude woman (Hey a guy can dream can't he?).   I'll be there tomorrow, was at Gunny a few times last year (so I know the acutual democraphics).  Been looking forward to visiting for a while now, but I feel like "the weird guy" sitting by myself.   So, if anyone is looking for company?  I'm well travelled so I have a few stories to tell, but I won't talk your ear off.    

Jim  (blue tommy bahama chair and umbrella, like that narrows things down)

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Saturday, July 22

Greetings Gunnison Beach Friends,

A group of first timers headed to the beach on Saturday. We're going early and staying as long as we can. A mix of locals and a few Benny's. Feel free to say HI!

Happy Naked Time!



What is the opinion of men who are hairless h

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Summer Vacation

I'm looking to take a vacation to a nude/clothing optional resort for a couple days this summer. Preferably somewhere affordable that wouldn't frown on a single guy. Lively/young crowds are a plus, and location isn't an issue. Hoping to meet some new fun people and have some fun myself. Please let me know of any suggestions for resorts.

Visiting for 1st time tomorrow 7/20

I've heard about the beach and have been curious to come check it out.  I'll be going alone.  I'm an Italian gay male 38 years old, slim, about 5'10", 150lbs.  Excited but kind of nervous about being nude... hope I don't get a boner!

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Sunday, July 23

Sunday will be my first time at the beach so I was hoping to meet some new friends.  Any one else going on Sunday?

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Sunday, July 23

Hi Everyone.  This will be my first time going to the beach.  It would be great to meet some fun people to hang out with.  Anyone else going on Sunday?

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