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Life Is Good And It Shows!!!

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Today was great! 7/15

Today was a great day! Weather was great and no flies!! Anybody that was there today thinking of going tomorrow? Hoping to meet some of you

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Just got here

Who's here?

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Beach Tomorrow! Come meet us near lifeguard 4/clothed section!

We're a young (24, 22) couple with the shoes in our picture on (last year got terrible blisters from the sand), we've had a great time every trip but we wanna meet some people too! Coming from Philly area so we'll get to the beach around 8:30/9, come say hi Smile Our kik is Philly322 

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Going to the beach tomorrow, somebady wanna join us ?

Me and my partner went to the beach last thursday, was 1st timr but We loved except the flies lol were terrible, but we are thinking going tomokrrow sunday, if anybody interested in have a chat we are open to meet new people. I see u guys there Wink

French Guy first time in Gunnison

Hi, I'm a 45 years French man. I'm looking for a partner (female, couple) who can guide me as it will be my first time tomorrow Sunday 16th on this beach. I do practice nudism in France but first time here. Thanks for your help and advice.

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National Nude Day

Sending greetings to all my Gunny friends. I hope you had a pleasant National Nude Day! I was privileged to celebrate it with friends at Hippie Hollow on Lake Travis near Austin, TX.

Every Naked day is a good day! I hope yours was special.



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How Do You Deal with the Flies?

I have seen the flies are a bumper crop this year.  How are you dealing with them?


Stable Flies – aka “Biting House Fly”


A look-alike to the common house fly, stable flies have mouth parts adapted to biting.  The name stable fly comes from their reputation for being a major pest of confined livestock; however, they will attack nearly any warm-blooded animal.  Females live up to a month and may require several blood meals in that time in order to produce and continue producing eggs.  Humans are typically attacked by stable flies around the ankle region.  So far, it does not appear that they are an important vector of any human diseases.


  • Swatting
  • Swimming
  • Baby Oil (have not tried it yet but might be worth a shot)
  • OFF (Worthless against stable flies)
  • Do not go to beach if the wind is blowing off the bay.

Let us know.

41 year old male seeking a female, couple, or group

Hi, I'm looking for a woman, or mixed company, to chill with sometime this summer. I've never gone nude on the beach before, but I'm excited to try it. I'm very flexible as to dates, but I'd prefer something early morning to early afternoon.

Friendly Photos

Is it asking too much to avoid the nude photos in the forum. Its embarassing to look at some of them as I try and scroll the entries. JUst put some clothes on for the internet chat. Dont need to see you exhibitioning in front of a mirror for pete sake, 

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Beautiful day out BUT...

The bugs are pretty rough today. Not eating me much but my poor wife is under attack lol.


Why are the flies so bad this year? They have ruined too many otherwise perfect beach days.  I bought insect repellent which did nothing.

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Made it to the beach!!!

I made it to the beach finally  


Killer year with work and family commitments.  But left work on time and got the the beach about 6PM  stayed until 830.  Meet some great people and got to take a swim.


Great way to end a day.

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Friday evening

Visiting the beach alone this Friday before I head back to MD. Anyone want to meet? It was sucky last Sunday having no one to talk to. Females males couples idc. Just people to hang out with while I'm there.

Thursday July 13th

Hello All,

I'm a 27 year old guy that will be going to Gunnison Beach for the first time this Thursday if the weather holds up and is nice. I will getting there around 11:30-12:00pm. I am not sure where I will be located since I have not been there before, but I am very friendly and I am looking to meet some nudists. This will be my first time so I might be a little shy, but I will have get over it one day. I have these big roses tattooed on my back, so hopefully I am easy to spot. Any suggestions or tips as to what to bring or what I should do to have a good time out there? Looking forward to hearing back from anyone and meeting new people there. Thanks!



Anybody going Saturday July 15th and looking for a beach partner?

I'll be heading down from nyc on saturday morning. It will be my first time ever on a nude beach. I'm a 30 year old guy.

I have had it in my mind for a while to try the feeling of being naked and free under the sun on the beach at least once.

I usually like to stay at the beach till late (bugs and flies permitting). I usually read a book, relax, get a tan, swim, but I also like to play games (card games, paddle ball, beach volley, soccer)... they all make for a fun day at the beach.

I would just like to avoid spending the entire day all by myself and at the same time respect the nude beach proper etiquette.

I have read on this forum that there are a family section, a gay section and a couples/hetero section on the north end of the beach which is where I'll be going to.

Any suggestion is welcome.


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