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Life Is Good And It Shows!!!

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Since some guys are disrepectful, in Safari I'm turning on Develop > Disable Images when I come to this site.  

Unfortunately this is necessary.  

Made my first visit this season

Big smile I finally made it to Gunny yesterday 5\19\17. Got there about 7:30 am, set up and soaked up some sun till 10:45. I wouln't say it was crowded but there were alot of people there. Spoke to one familiar face.

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Philly area hangs

Hey I'm a 26 year old guy new to the nudism thing. I'm hoping to make my first trip to the beach this summer, but in the meantime I'm wondering if anybody in the Philly area would be down for a casual nude hangout sometime. I'd like to start getting comfortable being naked with others, men or women. Let me know if you're interested.

50s male looking for friendly female chatters

To avoid questionable looks and boredom, I would like to find ladies,couples, and/or small female groups that don't mind chatting while sunbathing or relaxing.  I like to go after work to decompress and meet new people but dont want others to feel uncomfortable so I don't intrude . So please if you are a friendly person give this old guy a chance to make a new aquaintence.

Thoughts on Saturday forecast?

Hi all - made my first trip to Gunny last year and loved it.  I had been looking forward to going this coming Saturday (the 20th) for several weeks, but unfortunately the forecast doesn't look great.  (20 degree forecasted drop in one day?  WTF).  Unfortunately I have a bit of a drive, and can't get there on a weekday this week, so I don't get too many opportunities and will have to wait quite a while if Saturday is a no go.  Question for veterans - with the forecast of 60 degree highs but mostly sunny, if that forecast holds and bears out, would it be a pleasant experience?  I imagine many, like me, are getting antsy and may be willing to brave it, but it would be pretty disappointing to drive for a while and end up shivering on a mostly deserted beach.  Right now I'm leaning on passing unless the forecast improves.  Many thanks for any advice!  And also thank you all for posting your experiences to this board - was very helpful in planning my first trip last year.  Cheers. 

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Let's be friends

Wink Hello everyone I'm Leo. I'm 39 years old and love going to gunnison beach. It's been about a year since I last went and I'm looking forward to going this summer. I need a nice full body tan. I'm probably going to be going on sundays because it's my day off. I hope to meet a nice girl and maybe we can start going to the beach together, that would be awesome! Cool

Wednesday 5/17

Think I might have to make a trip to Gunny tomorrow! Weather's supposed to be be-a-utiful - the chance of nakedness is 100%!! First time this year too. Anyone else's first time this season? What better day to go.

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Lifeguard Stand #4

Get ready Lifeguard Stand #4! Can't wait for this upcoming season! Anyone want to plan a meetup on Gunny before Memorial weekend? Blonde is back, better than ever!

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Anybody heading out tomorrow? I will be there around 11. Throwback 76ers cap! Come say hi!

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Great May temps in the upper 70's or low 80's Wed

We are definitely making the trip.

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Anyone going on Thursday May 18th

I thinks it's going to be hott. I'm so ready to get naked And feel the warm hot sun on my skin

Wednesday 5/17 80 degrees

Cool looks like warmer weather is approaching. Might spend my day off at Gunni on Wednesday May 17th. Let me know if you plan to do the same

Thinking of going this week 1st time at gunnison

Ok, I'm a single guy and a nudist. I'm worried about going to the beach the first time. I've been reading online that single males going by themselves are frowned upon. I'm not going to gawk at anybody, I just want to relax in a beach chair and read a book, listen to music and sit on my towel and get a tan and relax. Am I going to be made uncomfortable by the regulars? Am I going to run into gay males that are going to try and make advances on me because I'm by myself? I'm not going there to meet woman or anything, just relax and it seems the community is very unfriendly. 

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2017 season

Hey all! Anyone planning on heading to the beach this Thursday? Forecast says 81 and sunny Big smile

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2017 season

Hey all! Anyone planning on heading out this Thursday. Forecast says 81 degrees Big smile Big smile Tongue

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